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MP4s On The Move

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What a week it has been, anybody who lives anywhere in the Asian region, or has contact with the Asian community, will know that the Chinese New Year is approaching at a rate of knots, a time when much of the world is traveling somewhere. That all adds up to quite a few long, boring hours spent in transit. We here at gadget freak though we’d look for a few devices to make the trip easier to handle.

Google, The New Napster

Chinese search engine, Baidu is ranked third in most used websites worldwide. While the major reason is for the country’s population, we here at gadget freaks think a large reason for its popularity can be attributed to it being a bountiful source of MP3s.

Well it appears now one clever blogger has found a way of using Google the
same way, along with a number of other juicy titbits of internet hint goodness. Cunning.

Is It A CD Player Or An MP3? No, It’s Both.


Yet another product we’ll have to file under “fantastic concept not in production”. A good many people have gone nutty over the LG chocolate phone and now another Korean firm has come out with the butterfly knife MP3, a MP3 player that will also play CDs. And if you thought it would be bulky, think again… It’s not every day you can hack someone’s head off at the neck with a personal media player. If only there was some company to produce it for the mass market. {Thanks go to Techpin for this juicy morsel}

Introducing The ‘Boombag’


Some of us here at gadget freaks (well some of our significant others anyway) enjoy a little high fashion with our gadgetry. Finally, with the LifePop
Groove Master Retro Stereo Speaker Messenger Bag
we’ve got a speaker system we could quite happily take to the latest Dolche & Gabbanna show. But in all seriousness it would definitely make us the hit of the picnic…”look we’ve bought food and music.” {Thanks go to epotpouri}

Written by gadgetfreaks

January 31, 2008 at 1:59 am

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