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A Hot Hot Table Gadget!

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  We here at Gadgetfreaks seem to live on nothing but caffeine and chilli sauce. Some of us like it hot, really hot, while others prefer to stay on the kinder gentler lower slopes of the Scoville Scale.

The good folks over at Dave’s Gourmet have come up with a gadgety solution to the quandry we often find ourselves in when it comes to choosing a chilli sauce to stock the Gadgetfreaks pantry.

At last a heat adjustable pump spray chilli sauce. Why it has taken humankind so long to develop this I do not know! Fully adjustable, you can alter the heat of the sauce by rotating the top and pressing the pump action cap to get an even distribution of  chilli sauce. From hot to self-mutilation you can choose!


Written by gadgetfreaks

February 2, 2008 at 8:52 am

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