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Gadget Freaks Go Green

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Gadget freaks watch out, the world will end tomorrow!! When we were growing up it was the hole in the ozone layer, in the late 1990’s it was the Y2K bug and lately most of the world has become caught up in the rush to avoid global warming.

Considering the recent cold temperatures around the office we here at gadget freaks wouldn’t mind a bit of warm weather, then again we could always use lower power bills.

The remote control office/building

How many times have you driven to/from work thinking “Did I leave the lights on?” Or “Is my computer still switched on?” British electronics manufacturer Domia has the solution a remote control for all of yourplug-in devices with byebyestandby. Hopefully now we can cut some power bills and invest the money in something useful…like more gadgets.

Ready for a wind-up

While solar energy seems to be the way most things are going these days there are still a number of gadgets gaining power from wind-up dynamos. Torches and radios are two items usually charged in this method and The Gadget Show, an entertaining British television show all about things that are new and shiny, reviewed a couple.

Make Light of a Bad Situation.

Finally, a solarpowered torch that doubles as a siren and includes a hammer. For the gadget freak who wants to hunt someone down in the dark, ‘brain’ them and then alert the authorities but doesn’t want to spend megabucks on batteries. It includes a car charger for those using the torch for the less sociapathic reasons like accidents and breakdowns. (A big thank you goes to sourfizz for the heads-up)

Written by gadgetfreaks

February 4, 2008 at 6:35 am

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