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Gadget Freaks On The Road

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There are few universal truths in this life but one seems to be that it doesn’t ever just rain, it pours. Everybody at gadget freaks can certainly attest to that. Renovations at the office next-door caused power outages and internet connectivity problems, which resolved to keep gadget freaks off the ether for six frustratingly long days. Most of the team hit the road to avoid being driven up the wall by inactivity so we thought it appropriate to have a look at gadgets and travel.

Warning, Warning Gadget Overload

The good people at USA Today found out recently that many business travelers are doubling up on their gadgets when they hit the road. While their luggage may be light on clothes it’s heavy with gadgets as limited battery and memory capacity; connectivity and expense mean people often take two or more of everything.

Pint-Sized Projector

Many business travelers will be adding this item to their Christmas lists, and a number of people in the gadget freaks office started making grabbing motions when they saw it. A pint-sized projector that puts out a full-sized image…who could want more? Apparently it works with cameras, phones, palm computers and almost any other electronic device you can name and is filled with a number of other goodies. No word from explay on price but you can bet that architects, sales executives and engineers will be lining up with their gold cards ready no matter what the cost. (thanks to geekalerts for the heads up)

The Human “Hermit Crab” Kit

Moving has always been one of the scourge of human existence and some at the Gadget freaks office hold a grudging admiration for hermit crabs and snails…no matter wherever they go they’re home. Those living from mobile homes and tents have gone part of the way but those here at gadget freaks want something more a mobile apartment if you will… finally, thanks to, a couple of German
, it’s reality. Weellll almost, Marcel Krings and Sebastian Mühlhäuser still have to find someone to produce and distribute it. The increasingly mobile Generation Y are probably waiting with baited breath and crossed fingers. (thanks treehugger for the heads up)

Written by gadgetfreaks

February 12, 2008 at 3:56 am

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