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A Look At Stories Past

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Some time ago, a couple of interesting things fell into our laps that we had to share with you… green gadgets and file sharing. Well, as it is around Chinese New Year we thought we’d have a look and see how those storieswere developing and check that nothing new had happpened.

The Captain Speaks

The good people at methodshop were kind enough to give us the heads-up about this juicy ‘interview‘. Two things struck the crew at Gadget Freaks as amusing… that the creator of Pirate Bay Gottfrid Svartholm (better known as Anakata) be described as “shy” when the website is anything but, rebranding itself frequently in line with current hit movies and labelling itself as the top bit torrent server on the internet; and the Russian reporter refer to it as an ‘interview’ when it looks like it was concoted by the PR arm of the anti-piracy department charging Gottfrid and his friends.

Knees Up Mother Brown…It’ll Keep Your Cell Phone Powered

The Monty Python reference will no doubt reveal the average of the crew at the Gadget Freaks office and one thing older generations have always stated about younger age groups is their reluctance to do physical exercise and work… some wit has even come up with the term ‘mouse potatoe’ to describe those who spend all their time in front of computers and don’t do any exercise (come to think of it that would describe a fair few of the Gadget Freaks crew). Here’s a definite excuse to get people up and mobile, The University of Michigan have come up a knee brace that uses the kinetic energy created by walking to power electronic devices with one minute of walking creating 30 minutes of talk time for the telephone. (thanks eurikalert for the heads up)

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February 13, 2008 at 9:13 am

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