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USB Overboard!

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It would seem nowadays that humans, as a race, are becoming increasingly dependent on that amazing piece of technology known as the USB. We’ve all seen the USB humping dog, USB cup warmers and even a Bacon USB Flash Drive ( Hmmmmm! Not sure about that one.)


There seems to be a USB application to suit all technical needs and personal tastes. The USB has become somewhat of an icon in society today. A quick look around the net reveals a wild and wonderful array of USB gadgets and gimmicks. They range from the sublime to the ridiculous, so we here at Gadget Freaks decided to look at the spectrum of USB gadgets available today.

Let’s start with one gadget that combines a traditional practical device with USB technology. Yes folks it was only a matter of time until the Swiss Army Knife incorporated a USB flash drive of course presenting to the world the USB Swiss Army Knife. Quite handy when one finds themselves in the woods needing to store or access some data! Still it sure is very very gadgety!


Not even household appliances have escaped the USB invasion with numerous mini-appliances appearing. Now it would seem to me that what we are seeking is to be able to remain at our computers for as long as possible thus the USB port has become an indespensible resource for any self-respecting Gadget Freak.

The USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner is one example. Wow…what a pinnacle of human engineering! You can clean up your work station by simply plugging into your USB port and hoover away!


Well now after all that domestic activity you must be dying for a drink! Well just reach over and get yourself one from your USB Mini-Fridge. Ahhhh! Sure is hard work being a Gadget Freak. These little gadgets will keep a can of your favourite beverage cold right off your USB port. I’m waiting for the 6 pack model to arrive!


So with the domestic duties done and refreshed from our mini-fridge we need pizza and a beverage replenishment. Better get on the phone. But wait! No need to get up! Just flip open your mouse and there is your USB Skype Phone Mouse with speaker and microphone!


So with all these USB gadgets we will of course need somewhere to plug them all in. Welcome to the world of USB hubs. Now here is where it gets sublime. The humble USB port comes in all shapes sizes and themes! Even a USB Virgin Mary for those of the Catholic persuasion for cryin’ out loud!

However, amongst all this madness thank goodness there are practical devices like this- The USB Motorcycle Engine Hub. Oh what a lovely bit of work this is. It roars, it rumbles and it looks just like an old Triumph twin from the 1960’s… cool!



Science is yet to determine what effect this gaggle of USB gadgets and gizmos will have on human kind in the long-term. It is feared that the USB will become increasingly ingrained in our lifestyles and psyche. Fears of ‘USBphobia’ and ‘USBphilia’ are beginning to materialize, USB anonymous meetings are springing up around the planet. However, fear not as someone has created the perfect solution.

Introducing the ultimate in USB ( drum roll )…… The USB Doomsday Device Hub! Yes that’s right! When you are mad as hell and, as Peter Finch said in the 1970’s movie Network, “not gonna take it anymore” …you just need to hit the button!!!


Written by gadgetfreaks

February 15, 2008 at 9:29 am

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    USB Overboard!

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    Kindle Review

    February 25, 2008 at 1:08 am

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