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Back to The Future – Retromania!

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Do you love gadgets but long for the style of old when things were made to last. Televisions made of wood and steel, bakelite radios? Remember when things were heavy, big and bulky? Well like all things everything old is new again. Retro gadgets are now bigtime. Some are way cool and functional but some just make you ask, “Why?” However,I must admit to being just a little more than fascinated with the genre as a whole.

It’s like talking to a kid about the days before the internet or explaining the intricate use of an old dial phone. If you equate technological advancement over time it all does seem like a long time ago. Just shy of the industrial revolution according to one young dude I recently spoke with. But never fear Retro Gadgets are here and it’s not just the old schoolers getting into them.

One set of Retro stuff that has caught the eye of we Gadget Freaks are these minature replicas of 1940’s style bakelite table radios. Although they only house an AM/FM radio (no MP3 here) they are still quite cool. A great gift for old and older school friends and family.


As I mentioned before the idea of large phones has been a laughing point for many in the past few years. Looking at old movies and TV shows and seeing all that old technology is quite a trip. The old handset with a curly cord and the brick mobiles of the 80’s can bring a wry smile to many young Gadgeteers. Well smile at this junior!!

What can you say about the Phobile ? I’m putting this one in the ‘Why Bin’. The Phobile is and old style handset equiped with Bluetooth technology. Yup! That’s right, get a call on your new high-tech cell phone and you can take the call on this vintage handset. One word……..!

bluetooth_retro_handset_withphone.jpgHowever, not all retro-gadgets are as perplexing and seemingly useless as some.Take this Cassette style MP3 player. It slots into any old cassette player to play your MP3 files giving new life to an old car or portable cassette system.

All I can say is….” Let The Good Times Roll.”


Written by gadgetfreaks

February 16, 2008 at 10:14 am

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