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Gadgets That Came In From The Cold.

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The very word ‘spy’ conjors up images in our minds of intrigue, romance, danger, sex and gadgets. U2 Spy Planes, poison-tipped umbrellas, microfilm, all the other Cold War Era spy paraphernalia; as well as men in hats and long trench coats in cold wet doorways smoking a cigarette — this is the image most of us have of the world of espionage. James Bond, with his stylish gadgets explained so thoroughly by Q, and pursuit of leggy lovely female spies worked with the idiosyncratically bumbling Maxwell Smart ( Agent 86 ) to create a highly romanticized image of a secret agent. There is a large fictional collection of stereotypical characters in the movies, on TV and in modern literature to help us form a fairly solid image of what a spy should be like. Of course, in reality, most spies are rather ordinary. They will probably be a consular official, or belong to some other profession, that blends in with the landscape.

Now this is our kind of Spy!

Like most people, we here at Gadget Freaks are fascinated with spies and such so it’s only natural that we love spy gadgets. There’s never a dull moment around GF Central ( our office ) as someone is always testing some spy device on a poor unsuspecting victim, getting into a game of ‘ Find the Spy Camera”, or even going on a field trip to the local Starbucks armed with a pocket cell phone jammer just for fun.

One sneaky gadget spied recently was this Wireless Spy Camera Pen. Looks like an ordinary pen, feels like an ordinary pen and writes like an ordinary pen but in fact it is a rather nifty spy cam. The kit includes an MP4 wireless receiver and a solar charger.


I don’t know about you but I always wonder why whenever Secret Service Agent or the like on TV or in a movie they always stick a finger in their ear when they get a message. It’s like saying, ” Hey look at me I am Secret Service.” Anyway here is a little gadget that may come in handy in a whole bunch of situations.

This tiny device allows you to receive communications without anyone else being any the wiser. Makers say the invisible receiver fits right inside the ear. As it is wireless there are no tell tale connections hanging around to blow your cover.


However, not everyone is content to get their spy gadgets off the shelf. Some would rather be Q than 007. Welcome to the world of DIY Spy Gadgetry! Also known as ‘ circuit bending ‘ to some. The art of modifying circuitry and components to transform a device enabling it to perform functions it was not originally designed for.

For those DIY spies there is a great series of books available that can show you how to make your own night vision camera or even a spy device detector. With titles like ‘101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius’ and the ‘imaginatively-titled’ ‘More Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius’ there is a wealth of information and projects here to keep any Gadget Hacker locked away in the lab for an eternity!


So if you are into Spy Gadgetry there are so many sites on the net to get you salivating. I would suggest that would be a great place to start. So get out your hat and trenchcoat because The Eagle Has Landed !

Written by gadgetfreaks

February 20, 2008 at 6:55 am

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