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Office Space Goes To The Next Level

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Work and life in the new decade has changed drastically to what it was, say 20 years ago: people will change jobs at least twice in their career, offices have become wide open spaces, and entertainment has become more sedentary. Hell, even people’s vocabularies have changed dramatically.

Here at Gadget Freaks we decided to have a look at one or two gadgets for around the office.

Roll-Up Keyboard, Good To Go

roll-up keyboard

A quick hunt around the net turned up this fantastic link from Techpin. Finally, a roll-up keyboard that appears to be cheap as chips and indestructible as hell… But if US$5.24 is still too much for you and you have a spare keyboard lying around you can make your own… just don’t expect to be too sturdy, or win any beauty awards.

Homemade roll up keyboard

Office Tech Overload

The less technologically-inclined of us have been complaining about this for ages, the results of which are funny, somewhat pious songs like the one above (what”s a bet they made, and uploaded it with an apple). However, scientists are doing a survey into whether theories may in fact be true and if certain gadgets are, in fact addictive.

You could take the survey here but if you’re anything like this sad case Gadget Freaks suggests you throw away the devices and go and live with the girls from dotcomix on a commune for a couple of months.

Written by gadgetfreaks

February 22, 2008 at 4:41 am

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