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The world of gadgets and gizmos never ceases to amaze us here at Gadget Freaks. There seems to be a bottomless pit of crazy stuff out there that really makes you wonder about the state of the human condition. Now if you’ll just excuse me while I get my tongue out of my cheek I’ll get on with this blog.

One look at the world of gadgets and it is quite obvious that boys never grow up. Playing war games as kids seems to spill over into adulthood. Take paintball for example. If you’ve tried it you’ll know how exciting it is. For an hour or two you too can be Rambo or G.I Joe.

Well for those paintball enthusiasts that feel they have risen above the ranks of an ordinary foot soldier here is the gadget for you. The Paintball Panzer is just as the name suggests. Yes, a minature tank designed specifically for ‘Paintball Pattons’ or ‘Recreational Rommels’. Call me a big kid but dang that looks like fun!


So what does a paintball freak do during the week to keep his/her skills sharp? What kind of training and conditioning is required? What gadgets would one need? Well here’s one you cannot afford to be without. This Marshmallow Assault Rifle is just the weapon of choice for those that like to practice at home. Packing a payload of 12 mallows it is perfect for a bit of indoor domestic destruction.


There is a multitude of websites that specialize in paintball stuff but the guys over at Hacked Gadgets have the coolest stuff. Also check out Big Dicks Paintaball (not a joke).

Written by gadgetfreaks

February 28, 2008 at 12:15 pm

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