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Top 5 Gadgets To Make Sure You Don’t Miss A Minute Of The Action!

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Well race fans it’s that time of year again. Moto GP kicked off last weekend and this weekend Formula One revs up in Melbourne, Australa. We here at Gadget Freaks just despise missing a minute of the action. All the good stuff seems to happen when you get up to get a beer or you need to explain to your better half why this race is far more important than getting the lawn mowed or some other trivial domestic need. So let’s have a look at some gadgets that will ensure you don’t need to miss a moment of the action.

1- Husqvarna’s Autonomous Solar Lawnmower.

‘Never Mow Again’, it says on the blurb. Sweet words indeed if you need to spend half your day off dragging some old noisy contraption around your yard. Well those innovative Swedes at Husqvarna have come up with the world’s first ‘Solar Robot Lawnmower’. Charge it up and set it mowing. Leaving you to concentrate on more important tasks, like watching motorsports. I’d imagine it would be pretty quiet to so you won’t be interupted by a noisy two-stroke engine leaving your ears to take in the sweet sounds of screaming racing engines! Joy! Read more……


2- The Beverage Buggy.

Ever gotten up to refresh your beverage of choice and you hear ‘ Oh that was a huge crash’ or ‘ That was the best passing move you’ll ever see’ ? Well lament no more! Introducing the beverage buggy. This little remote control device will scoot to the kitchen and be back with your drinks faster than Fangio. ( provided there is someone to load it up-see gadget #5 ) Read more…….


3- USB Missile Launcher With Webcam.

A must have for the hardcore motorsports fan! At last a USB with webcam to ensure pinpoint accuracy. Not only great for deterring anyone inconsiderate enough to interrupt the race but also handy to fire at Alonso or perhaps even the referee if your watching football. Be rudely interrupted no more. Read more………


4- Waterprooof TV

So let’s imaging a hot sunday afternoon, your solar robot is mowing the lawn, your beverage buggy is keeping the fluids up. What better place to watch the race than in the pool. Well this waterproof monitor would be ideal for worry free viewing in an aquatic atmosphere. One of our other faves here at Gadget Freaks is F1 Powerboat racing so with this monitor you can really get into the feel of things. Read more…..


5- The Wife Remote.

Ok so we are out at the pool with our waterproof TV , our beverage buggy is keeping the fluids up, our solar robot is mowing the lawn and we have our arsenal of missiles loaded and aimed. However, it’s not enough! Honey!!! Arrrgh! Time to bring out the big guns. The wife remote has some very handy functions race fans. Combine the mute with the beer button and it’s sunday bliss. Read more…..


And finally just in case you get home and it’s raceday and you can’t get the TV off of Oprah……….See here!

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