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Get Your Motor Runnin’……Head Out On The Highway!

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Ah…… the old classic ‘Born To Be Wild’ by Steppenwolf. A great song to play over and over when on the road. It is also our favourite karaoke song here a Gadget Freaks along with anything by The Rollling Stones. Basically anything that involves screaming and no namby pamby lovey dovey stuff. Rock on!

As you have most likely gathered from the title and intro we are on the subject of cars and motorbikes again. Of course we are all getting ourselves prepped for the opening salvo of this years F1 season in Australia on Sunday. Yes, the high-octane soap opera that is F1 is on again. Following last years sensational season with it’s twists and turns on and off the track, this season looks set to enthrall and entertain. Resident F1 blubber boy Alonso will have his work cut out this year now he’s back with Renault while Lewis Hamilton should be able to keep his focus on the track where it belongs now that the formerly mention driver has left the McLaren camp. Anyway……..!

If you are looking for the thrills and spills of F1 in a physical sense but don’t have the a budget that resembles the GDP of Switzerland, you may what to get yourself one of these! This seriously nasty gadget will give you the rush and sense of danger that a real F1 car will give you. In fact the power to weight ratio may actually exceed that of any racing vehicle known to man! Powered by a 1300cc Suzuki Hayabusa engine nestled in a simple Kart chassis, this is a gadget for the brave at heart or short of grey matter! Of course the Hayabusa motor is the most powerful production motorcycle powerplant ever produced. Some have been modified to a point where they are pumping out 500 bhp. No, that’s not a typo, this is a nasty bit of gear! Read and see more….!


We love ‘American Chopper‘ here at Gadget Freaks. That Tuttle family sure do know how to make motorcycles even if they are a little dysfunctional. We’ve seen them make many a concept chopper but this one is probably the most gadgety we’ve seen. Produced together with Intel and Black Diamond, this beautiful machine has a fingerprint recognition system, digital dash instrumentation and rear view cameras which eliminate the need for cumbersome mirrors. Awesome! Read more…..


Now for a few gadgets on the more sane, practical and affordable side. Flat tyres are an inevitable part of motorcycling. When off on an extended ride you need to take your own repair equipment. This off course can be quite a load to carry and who needs extra weight and baggage! This Tyre Repair and Inflation kit from Cycle is just the thing for your touring bags or even your race kit. Light and compact it has all you need for running repairs. Also available is this Solar Powered Digital Tyre Gauge. Light weight and reliable, it is a valuable addition to your travel gear.



And finally here is something that is long overdue. This ‘Invisible Sheild” will keep your gadgets looking like new. Developed for the US military to protect the leading edge of helicopter blades in desert conditions and now available to the consumer. I am sure we have all experienced that horrid feeling when your shiny new gadget( esp. Touch Screen MP4) gets its first scratch. Well fear no more. Awesome, I need this for my new camera when the approval for my second mortgage comes through! Ah the horror! The horror!


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