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Crazy Clocks!

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It seems the gadget world has gone crazy clock crazy! Here at Gadget Freaks we are constantly fascinated at the wierd and wonderful array of gadgety clocks coming out of late! This Bulbdial concept clock is a combination of lamps and sundials. Using the ancient sundial principle it uses electricity and shadows to great effect to display the time in a unique way. Developed by Ironic sans this design has one drawback in that it won’t work in direct sunlight. Guess that’s why it’s called a Bulbdial !


This cool clock projects the clock face onto a wall or other surface. With a range up to 7 metres it has a funky, junky, 1930’s sci-fi look about it! Tiltable to 45 degrees and with manual focus this kooky design makes a great bedside gadget. You won’t even have to move to see you are late for work!


 Another cool trend in clocks is the retro gear style model inspired by Steampunk. There are a whole bunch of these around, some better than others, but cool nonetheless! With a metallic look and exposed gears these clocks are great for educating youngsters about simple mechanics and give a neat feel to your living room. This rectangular wall clock is an awesome design combining industrial chic with functionality. Gotta love the big second hand.


Written by gadgetfreaks

April 14, 2008 at 6:53 am

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