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“Pimp My Wii”

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When Nintendo launched its Wii game console in 2006 I’m sure that even they could not have imagined its universal popularity. As of December 31, 2007 20.13 million units have been sold and demand continues to outstrip supply making the Wii a much sought after gadget. Not surprisingly a significant after market accessories industry has sprung up manufacturing all manner of gizmos to pimp your Wii. With its remote controllers the game has become so popular that it is said that even Queen Elizabeth plays on a Wii ! So we here at Gadget Freaks took a Wii peek into the wierd and wonderful world of Wii and here’s some of what we found.


If you are into ‘shoot ’em up’ gaming then this is for you. This Wii Shotgun is just the ticket if the Wii Zapper is not macho enough for you. Basically it’s a shotgun shaped holder for your Wiimote and Nunchuck so you can blast virtual zombies with ease and gusto. I can just imagine Queen Lizzy mowing ’em down with this baby!


To further enhance the ‘rumble’ feature of Wii controllers one company has developed this Wii game chair. Dubbed ‘The Hot Seat’ , the Pyramat Sound rocker S2000 looks somewhat like an old car seat but packs twin 8 watt speakers in the headrest with a 5.5 inch Powersub 30 watt subwoofer under the seat. Great for feeling your music and living your movies but we think it would really come into its own with car racing games. Hmmm……I hope they make a mini-moto gp rumble bike!!!!!!


Do you like to Wii on the road ? If so then check this out. This LCD Wii Monitor attaches to the base of the Wii unit and features a ball socket to allow the screen to be placed in many ways and it folds down when not in use. With its built in stereo speakers and 7 inch LCD display it is like having your own Wii laptop. A car cigarette lighter adaptor is included so you can even Wii in the car ! I can just imagine Queen Liz playing Mario Brothers in the back of the Royal Roller whilst taking the corgis out for a spin!


You gotta love the folk from The Land of the Rising Sun. This Wii gadget must take the cake as the craziest after market Wii product out there. The Super Pi Pi Brothers is …… well click the link to see! Somehow I can not and do not want to picture Her Majesty indulging in this ! ( Note – This was an April Fools gadget on Thinkgeek)


Written by gadgetfreaks

April 19, 2008 at 8:09 am

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