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Who’s Who ? Whooooo Wee Oooooo!!!

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Well it would seem we got some incorrect information here at Gadget Freaks. We posted on April 28th that the composer of the Doctor Who theme, Tristram Cary, had died. While it is true that Mr. Cary sadly passed away it is not true that he was the actual composer of the theme. Cary was a composer on the show but wrote the underscore not, as  wrongly reported in the media, the theme track.

                              Delia Derbyshire created the electronic realisation of the theme.

As Seba kindly commented, it was actually an Australian born composer  Ron Grainer that indeed composed the original theme track. However, the actual electronic version which has become legendary, was actually adapted from an original composition of Grainer’s by Delia Derbyshire. It is said that upon hearing the electronic version Grainer exclaimed, ” Did I really write that.” The tune was to remain as the theme to the series for a 18 years.

           Ron Grainer ( August 11, 1922 – February 21, 1981 )

Gadget Freaks apologizes for any inconvenience caused.

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