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F1 2008 Round 4 Race Review. Turkish Delight for Massa.

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What would we do without Lewis Hamilton? For me his passing move set up in the fastest corner in GP racing was the highlight of a race that almost cured my insomnia. Well it wasn’t the Ferrari whitewash that we expected with the Loveable Lewis Hamilton splitting the Ferraris and Robert Kubica’s BMW a distant fourth. I thought Hamilton had the race in the bag after his move on Massa but a 3 stop strategy put the Briton back a spot behind the Brazilian. I briefly fell asleep after Hamilton took the lead and awoke at the flag wondering what the hell had happened! Anyway, the French GP this weekend will surely keep me up- Moto GP that is! Read more……

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May 12, 2008 at 10:21 am

The Iceman Cometh.

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Well what a fantastic Malaysian Grand Prix, full of action, excitement and controversy! Sadly, after qualifying well in third and fourth spots on the grid both Mc Larens were pinged 5 places for, apparently, obstructing cars during qualifying. This of course gave the Ferraris of Massa and Kimi Raikkonen a clean set of heels in the race. Raikkonen showed why he is the master by sitting comfortably behind Massa saving his machinery and staying out of dirty air. Knowing that Massa would pitting first Kimi turned up the wick in no uncertain terms and after the first round of stops it was The Flying Finn out in front. Massa later spun into the gravel ending his race and handing Raikkonen an unchallenged victory.

McLaren’s day was a mixed bag but considering the grid positions they were handed they could well be pleased with coming away from Malaysia with points for both cars. Heikki Kovalainen finished a fine third behind Robert Kubica with Lewis Hamilton surging through the field only to have a drama at his first pit stop which relegated the Briton back to 11th finally finishing fifth in what has to said, was a spirited drive.

So all in all quite a good race with all podiums filled by different drivers from the opening GP in Melbourne. So it’s off to the Sakhir Circuit in Bahrain next for more F1 action and excitement!

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March 27, 2008 at 2:57 am

F1 Breakdown!!!!

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Well race fans what an opening F1 Grand Prix! We here at Gadget Freaks would sum it up in one word…..Carnage! Lewis Hamilton led the race from start to finish but it was what was going on in his wake that had the pundits gasping in awe and disbelief. Massa was first to go spinning at the first corner exit and hitting the barrier. He limped back to the pits for a new nose cone while fellow Ferrari pilot Kimi Raikonnen was carving his way through the field after starting from way down the grid.

However the day was to finish in disaster for both Ferraris as Massa crashed into David Coulthard whose car seemed to implode and fall apart. Massa later retired and Raikonnen also retired but gained one point due to the heavy DNF (Did Not Finish) rate. In fact only around 6 cars actually took the chequered flag with the Melbourne circuit once again proving to be a chellenge for both car and driver.

So at the finish it was Hamilton a clear winner with Nick Heidfeld second and Nico Rosberg ( son of former F1 ace Keke Rosberg) getting his first podium and the first for the Williams team in a long time. Stay tuned as the F1 circus heads to Sepang in Malaysia this weekend. Let’s hope that the safety car doesn’t get in almost as many laps as the F1 cars this race!!!

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March 18, 2008 at 7:38 am

F1 Kicks Off Downunder!

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The 2008 Formula One season is finally underway with qualifying today and the race tomorrow. Of course there is drama on and off the track and a few surprises for tomorrows grid. The fine city of Melbourne , Australia is host once again to the opening round and Australia’s capital of culture has turned on it’s best weather for the occasion.


After a long running dispute with race officials, this years event has been moved to a 5:30 pm start time. It seems that if Melbourne wants to hang on to its Grand Prix it will need to run the race at night. This is to accommodate European television audiences and in fact it is looking like all races in the Asian region are being encouraged to follow suit (and of course we here at Gadget Freaks are so looking forward to the first night Formula One race to be staged on the streets of Singapore later this year) There is no shortage of potential host cities lining up for their own race so the Melbourne organizers are going to have to either do some fast talking, run the race at night or let the event go! Anyway……enough politics!

With the pre-race build up and media hype out of the way the cars were out for qualifying which produced some dramatic incidents which saw World Champion Kimi Raikkonen relegated to 16th on the starting grid order after problems with a fuel pressure regulator on his Ferrari in QP1. He will certainly have his work cut out for him in the race tomorrow but as we have seen in the past he seems to relish in challenges like this so never write him off. The Melbourne circuit has numerous passing opportunities and Kimi is the passing move meister so watch out for him producing some of that ‘Iceman Magic’.

Not altogether unexpected, Lewis Hamilton grabbed pole but was pressured by a fired up Robert Kubica who narrowly missed out after running wide and hit the grass on his last hot lap. Heikki Kovalainen and Phillipe Massa will start behind them from the second row with Nick Heidfeld and Jarno Trulli from row three. Nico Rosberg and veteran David Coulthard will occupy the fourth row while Timo Glock and Sebastian Vettel complete the top 10.

Another driver surprisingly out of the top ten is Fernando Alonso. Obviously still quite a bit of development work to do on the 2008 Renault. So with Mc Laren and BMW at full strength at the head of the grid it will be up to Massa to uphold the Ferrari honour. Perhaps a resurgent Toyota may surprise as it has been a long long time between drinks for the Japanese team. Could we see Williams back in the thick of the action, another team looking to regain some form. Whatever happens it promises to be an exciting and action packed race.

So till next time race fans…………


The start was the finish for many drivers in Melbourne in 2002 thanks to this rather unorthodox passing move by Ralf Schumacher!

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March 15, 2008 at 7:38 am

Get Your Motor Runnin’……Head Out On The Highway!

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Ah…… the old classic ‘Born To Be Wild’ by Steppenwolf. A great song to play over and over when on the road. It is also our favourite karaoke song here a Gadget Freaks along with anything by The Rollling Stones. Basically anything that involves screaming and no namby pamby lovey dovey stuff. Rock on!

As you have most likely gathered from the title and intro we are on the subject of cars and motorbikes again. Of course we are all getting ourselves prepped for the opening salvo of this years F1 season in Australia on Sunday. Yes, the high-octane soap opera that is F1 is on again. Following last years sensational season with it’s twists and turns on and off the track, this season looks set to enthrall and entertain. Resident F1 blubber boy Alonso will have his work cut out this year now he’s back with Renault while Lewis Hamilton should be able to keep his focus on the track where it belongs now that the formerly mention driver has left the McLaren camp. Anyway……..!

If you are looking for the thrills and spills of F1 in a physical sense but don’t have the a budget that resembles the GDP of Switzerland, you may what to get yourself one of these! This seriously nasty gadget will give you the rush and sense of danger that a real F1 car will give you. In fact the power to weight ratio may actually exceed that of any racing vehicle known to man! Powered by a 1300cc Suzuki Hayabusa engine nestled in a simple Kart chassis, this is a gadget for the brave at heart or short of grey matter! Of course the Hayabusa motor is the most powerful production motorcycle powerplant ever produced. Some have been modified to a point where they are pumping out 500 bhp. No, that’s not a typo, this is a nasty bit of gear! Read and see more….!


We love ‘American Chopper‘ here at Gadget Freaks. That Tuttle family sure do know how to make motorcycles even if they are a little dysfunctional. We’ve seen them make many a concept chopper but this one is probably the most gadgety we’ve seen. Produced together with Intel and Black Diamond, this beautiful machine has a fingerprint recognition system, digital dash instrumentation and rear view cameras which eliminate the need for cumbersome mirrors. Awesome! Read more…..


Now for a few gadgets on the more sane, practical and affordable side. Flat tyres are an inevitable part of motorcycling. When off on an extended ride you need to take your own repair equipment. This off course can be quite a load to carry and who needs extra weight and baggage! This Tyre Repair and Inflation kit from Cycle is just the thing for your touring bags or even your race kit. Light and compact it has all you need for running repairs. Also available is this Solar Powered Digital Tyre Gauge. Light weight and reliable, it is a valuable addition to your travel gear.



And finally here is something that is long overdue. This ‘Invisible Sheild” will keep your gadgets looking like new. Developed for the US military to protect the leading edge of helicopter blades in desert conditions and now available to the consumer. I am sure we have all experienced that horrid feeling when your shiny new gadget( esp. Touch Screen MP4) gets its first scratch. Well fear no more. Awesome, I need this for my new camera when the approval for my second mortgage comes through! Ah the horror! The horror!


Top 5 Gadgets To Make Sure You Don’t Miss A Minute Of The Action!

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Well race fans it’s that time of year again. Moto GP kicked off last weekend and this weekend Formula One revs up in Melbourne, Australa. We here at Gadget Freaks just despise missing a minute of the action. All the good stuff seems to happen when you get up to get a beer or you need to explain to your better half why this race is far more important than getting the lawn mowed or some other trivial domestic need. So let’s have a look at some gadgets that will ensure you don’t need to miss a moment of the action.

1- Husqvarna’s Autonomous Solar Lawnmower.

‘Never Mow Again’, it says on the blurb. Sweet words indeed if you need to spend half your day off dragging some old noisy contraption around your yard. Well those innovative Swedes at Husqvarna have come up with the world’s first ‘Solar Robot Lawnmower’. Charge it up and set it mowing. Leaving you to concentrate on more important tasks, like watching motorsports. I’d imagine it would be pretty quiet to so you won’t be interupted by a noisy two-stroke engine leaving your ears to take in the sweet sounds of screaming racing engines! Joy! Read more……


2- The Beverage Buggy.

Ever gotten up to refresh your beverage of choice and you hear ‘ Oh that was a huge crash’ or ‘ That was the best passing move you’ll ever see’ ? Well lament no more! Introducing the beverage buggy. This little remote control device will scoot to the kitchen and be back with your drinks faster than Fangio. ( provided there is someone to load it up-see gadget #5 ) Read more…….


3- USB Missile Launcher With Webcam.

A must have for the hardcore motorsports fan! At last a USB with webcam to ensure pinpoint accuracy. Not only great for deterring anyone inconsiderate enough to interrupt the race but also handy to fire at Alonso or perhaps even the referee if your watching football. Be rudely interrupted no more. Read more………


4- Waterprooof TV

So let’s imaging a hot sunday afternoon, your solar robot is mowing the lawn, your beverage buggy is keeping the fluids up. What better place to watch the race than in the pool. Well this waterproof monitor would be ideal for worry free viewing in an aquatic atmosphere. One of our other faves here at Gadget Freaks is F1 Powerboat racing so with this monitor you can really get into the feel of things. Read more…..


5- The Wife Remote.

Ok so we are out at the pool with our waterproof TV , our beverage buggy is keeping the fluids up, our solar robot is mowing the lawn and we have our arsenal of missiles loaded and aimed. However, it’s not enough! Honey!!! Arrrgh! Time to bring out the big guns. The wife remote has some very handy functions race fans. Combine the mute with the beer button and it’s sunday bliss. Read more…..


And finally just in case you get home and it’s raceday and you can’t get the TV off of Oprah……….See here!

Ultimate Gadgets.

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Exotic cars and motorcycles have to be the ultimate gadgets. Many of them are brimming with gadgetry themselves, kinda like gadgets on a gadget. If you watch a Formula One Grand Prix or Moto GP race you’ll see gadgets everywhere. Not just in the pit garages but on the drivers and riders themselves. Everything from MP3 sunglasses to USB body coolers.

The Formula One and Moto GP seasons are just about to kick off for 2008 and we here at Gadget Freaks are close to wetting ourselves in excitement. So we thought we’d take a look at some exotica on 2 and 4 wheels as we gear up for 2008.

Koenigsegg is a Swedish Company that builds some of the most exclusive supercars in the world. They produced their first prototype in 1993 and produced their first production model, the CC8S in 2000.


The latest Koenigsegg to roll off the production line is the sleek and expensive CCX. With its 4.7 litre twin supercharged V8 engine and 6 speed manual gearbox it produces 806 Bhp with a respectable top speed of 245+ MPH ( 395+ KPH ) and it will set you back around US$600,000.


Whilst the Koenigsegg is fabricated primarily of carbon fibre US designer Joe Harman has chosen a slightly unorthodox material from which to build his brand of supercar. The ‘Splinter’ has a 4.6 litre V8 engine with a top speed of 245+ MPH and is made of wood! Yes that’s right! Wood! The first production models are expected to hit the road later in 2008 and the price is listed as TBA. Like if you have to ask you couldn’t afford it anyway. We are thinking of ordering one as a Gadget Freaks runabout to pick up the lunches and such. Better find a good carpenter to do our crash repairs I guess.


Now to two wheels and the crazy world of motorcycles. Not content to just have a cool ride some folk seem determined to create machines that resemble assisted suicide devices. One such creation is the ‘Y2K’. It is a US$185’000 motorcycle that is powered by a jet engine which would normally be found in a Bell Jet Ranger Helicopter. It has an estimated top speed of over 250mph ( +400 KMH ) and can accelerate to 200 MPH in under 15 seconds. The ‘Y2K’ is manufactured in the US by MTT and each bike takes 3000 man hours to build. Famous car and bike collector Jay Leno has one and he described the sensation of riding it as “Having the hand of God pushing you in the back.”


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February 23, 2008 at 7:45 am