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The Wonderful World Of Cameras!

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Cameras come in all shapes and sizes, makes and models, prices and practicalities. We here at Gadget Freaks are always on the lookout for new cameras and photography gadgets. These days cameras are everywhere, even on cell phones but not all cameras are as obvious as that.

Considered the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the camera world, Hasselblad has recently released its H3D SLR Camera System. They claim it to be ‘the World’s first 48 mm full-frame DSLR camera system’. This is not a camera for the enthusiast but purely for professionals only, and the top pros at that. With a price tag of US$ 40,000+ this will be one that we’ll be using in the studio only here at Gadget Freaks. See more…..


Although many companies have shut down their photographic film and camera production or even gone into bankruptcy, there may in fact be few niche areas of the market where film may live on for a time yet. Enter the 120 Tri-Lens Stereo Camera! This is the latest in crazy camera technology from China. Only available in film format as yet but I guess it won’t be long until a digital version is on the market! See more….


Now going from the sublime to the ridiculous, or was that the other way around? Take this digital camera that looks like a zippo-style lighter we saw on Youtube. According to the website it can shoot up to 14 fps(frame per second) and stores up to 100 images. Hmmm….We wonder if the new Get Smart movie will create a new spy gadget craze like the TV show did in the 60’s?


One More Or Three For The Road.

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With the amount of celebrities being arrested for DUI recently one would get the impression that this anti-social activity has become somewhat fashionable. I suspect that celeb agents and managers and the studios they work for even anticipate their charges falling foul of the law and have contingency plans drawn up should it happen to them. One recent case was Keifer Sutherland who was able to have his jail time scheduled so as to allow filming of the hit mega-series ’24’ ( A def Gadget Freaks fave ) to keep on schedule. So Agent Jack Bauer ( Keifer Sutherland ) spent Christmas in the slammer.

Are these just a bunch of cases of social irresponsibility and human frailty or is it just a golden opportunity for some free press and a bit of Bad Boy/Girl chic? Whatever it is these members of the Glitterati have obviously not been keeping up with what’s new in gadgets for the Dipsomaniac with car keys.

So we here at Gadget Freaks thought we’d look into this and see what we could come up with. Alcohol testing and associated gadgets are quite well represented in the market ranging from High-tech units to inexpensive pocket devices right through to the downright tautological.

We spotted this little gadget on Gadgets DK, a cool site from Scandinavia. The Beer Tracker is a neat little dual purpose utensil, a must have for the wannabe drinking legend. It has a bottle opener and also a cool LCD readout to keep track of every bottle opened. Now one wonders if this little device can actually tell the difference between beer and non-alcoholic bottles. Nonetheless it could always come in handy for those lads nights out when everyone seems hell bent on setting a new world beer drinking record.


Moving upmarket a bit now………well maybe! The GPS Navigator with Built-In Alcohol Tester has exactly what its name suggests. That’s right, it’ll tell you that you are plastered and then it’ll tell you how to get home or where the nearest late opener is. Now if only I could find my car!


For something a little more practical and inexpensive here is a neat Breath Tester from China. This Keychain Breathalyzer BAC Level Tester has a cool traffic light display reading a built in torch ( to help you find your keys perhaps ) a real time clock with timer and stopwatch functions ( just perfect for speed drinking competitions ).


So next time you are out for a night on the town don’t leave home without these neat gadgets. Unless of course if you are looking for a bit of public notoriety or just want to have a chance to rub shoulders with a celebrity in your local lock up.

( Note: Gadget Freaks promotes the responsible consumption of alcohol. Well most of us anyway) .

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February 22, 2008 at 11:31 am