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2009 In Gadgets, Gadget Freaks Picks For 2009, Part 2

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Here at gadget freaks we didn’t think we’d put ourself up to enough humiliation with the first bunch of ‘predictions’.

Here are some more…

Netbooks with 3G connection capabilities will become popular items.

It all started with the Asus Eeee. Suddenly there was a sub US$100 laptop available that you could take anywhere that would give you net access.

asus ee pc

The launch of the computer wasn’t a revelation in itself… lesser known computer brands had been doing OEM work and putting out their own machines for a while.

And the connection methods most were using (through 3G GSM connections) had been done for a while by mobile professionals who had a cell phone and extra credits on their data plans to get rid of.

Now people have realized that notebook computers don’t have to come from a brand name supplier and they are actually seeking out cheaper models.


More people are using Linux now, thanks Tux.

As a result there is going to be an explosion of 3G netbooks this year. Especially since the rise of Linux has reduced dependency on punishment-happy Microsoft.

WiFi standard 802.11N will finally be released

While Wifi has been gaining popularity like nobody’s business the technology has been less quick to develop.

Manufacturers have been making devices to the G standard since 2003 and have been looking for an improvement.

Signs are good that 2009 will see the release of the WLAN 802.11N standard, with the standards group releasing and signing off on drafts all the way through last year.

Improvements people think the new standard will make include the end of interference from devices like microwaves and a wider reception from more aerials.

We’ll start to see large capacity solid state drive computers

In 2007 and 2008 we saw prices for flash storage fall like the value of Motorola shares. The result…. lots of USB storage and external storage devices that could store the contents of your computer and have room for seconds selling at very reasonable prices.

There are now a number of solid state drives available for the inside of computers and prices for these, while high, are definitely coming down.

Toshiba recently lifted the bar by releasing a 512GB solid state drive. With no word on price yet it would be a fair guess that it wouldn’t leave too much room on your gold card.


Toshiba’s new line of massive solid state drives (source Ubergizmo)

But this year will still be the year that you see some laptops and netbooks emerge with SSD drives in the place of traditional hard drives.

There will be an increasing acceptance for green gadgets and environmentally friendly electronics.

The electronic world will go even greener in 2009.

No we’re not talking about the occasional solar powered calculator or torch this will be a stronger shift towards things currently known as green gadgets.

There can be no doubts there have been leaps and bounds in solar technology with solar panels turning up on everything from bags to the windows of buildings.

solar chargers like this Portable Solar Battery/Charger In Tough Clamshell Case are almost becoming a must have item for business travellers.

In fact a solar charger and solar battery for cell phones and smaller gadgets has gone from being a rarity to being rather common place and the number of devices that use solar power or solar energy to keep going has increased tenfold.

Solar lights are even turning up in gardens at Christmas now.

Gadgets powered by other forms of alternative energy, like dynamo-powered gadgets, and electronic appliances made with other materials, like the wooden cell phone and iPod re-encased in wood, are turning up.

People are looking for these devices too and you can bet that many solar lights and clean green gadgets will be appearing on many people’s wish list for at least the next year.

5 Gadgets That Will Survive A Nuclear Holocaust!

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After the carnage of the Australian F1 Grand Prix where millions of dollars of damage was inflicted in rather slight racing incidents and looking at our USB dongle graveyard we decided to look into indestructible gadgets. So we set to work to bring you the kind of gadgets that would survive a nuclear holocaust and be found in thousands of years by future archaeologists.

Of course following any nuclear destruction of our civilization you will be needing a communication device. You know, something to call around and see who’s left. The Sonim XP1 mobile phone is reported to be indestructible and has been tested by being shot by a 9mm Glock and a Swedish newspaper, Metro, shot it with a Remington Rifle. Hmmm we want one!


As I mentioned before we here at Gadget Freaks have collected what amounts to a ‘Dongle Graveyard’. Old dongles that no longer work because they’ve been dropped or put through the wash or the dog got to them etc etc! When will someone make the unbreakable dongle? Ask no more! ‘From Russia with Love’ comes the Titan USB dongle that can withstand 2000LB of pressure. It is constructed of a space age graphite/aluminium then cased in titanium. Limited to a production run of 100 they come in 1 0r 2 GB models with the 2GB selling for around US$247. Yikes…not cheap but seemingly indestructible. Just don’t lose it!


However, if you don’t want to fork out the big bucks or you are a DIY kinda gadgeteer you may want to check out this clever chap’s solution to the USB Dongle dilemma. Engineering student Russel Jones has come up with a very cool aluminium casing( that be aluminum for those over the big pond) that is fabricated around an existing USB disk. Very gadgety indeed!


Another gadget that could possibly survive a nuke is this ‘Wireless Silicone Keyboard’. We’ve seen the wired version in pubs and they seem to take the punishment handed out by Lagerists ( people who specialize in drinking copious amounts of beer) without problem. You can roll it, you can fold it, you can stuff it, you can wash it, you can squash it!. It is strong and flexible and wireless and whoa look at that colour, we call it Atomic Blue.


Ok so imagine this. You are sitting in your post-holocaust hovel with your indestructible gadgets and there is a cruel nuclear winter going on outside. However, we need to get food and water but it’s glowing green out there! Luckily for us we have a very smart beast of burden we can send out to gather what we need. Due to the ‘predicted’ fact that cockroaches will increase ten-fold in size and rule the post-nuked planet we innovative humans are already at work developing ways to exploit this future resource.

This Sci-Fi scenario is taking shape in Tokyo as scientists are removing the antennae from cockroaches and replacing them with PEE( Pulse-Emitting Electrodes) that can be controlled remotely via a miniature backpack carried by the roaches themselves. Researchers are even developing micro-cameras to equip the mighty roaches with. The range of applications for this technological marriage between Homo sapiens and Anastatus tenuipes is mind boggling. It sure has us here at Gadget Freaks a tad more boggly than normal! Read more………


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March 19, 2008 at 8:35 am

USB Overboard!

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It would seem nowadays that humans, as a race, are becoming increasingly dependent on that amazing piece of technology known as the USB. We’ve all seen the USB humping dog, USB cup warmers and even a Bacon USB Flash Drive ( Hmmmmm! Not sure about that one.)


There seems to be a USB application to suit all technical needs and personal tastes. The USB has become somewhat of an icon in society today. A quick look around the net reveals a wild and wonderful array of USB gadgets and gimmicks. They range from the sublime to the ridiculous, so we here at Gadget Freaks decided to look at the spectrum of USB gadgets available today.

Let’s start with one gadget that combines a traditional practical device with USB technology. Yes folks it was only a matter of time until the Swiss Army Knife incorporated a USB flash drive of course presenting to the world the USB Swiss Army Knife. Quite handy when one finds themselves in the woods needing to store or access some data! Still it sure is very very gadgety!


Not even household appliances have escaped the USB invasion with numerous mini-appliances appearing. Now it would seem to me that what we are seeking is to be able to remain at our computers for as long as possible thus the USB port has become an indespensible resource for any self-respecting Gadget Freak.

The USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner is one example. Wow…what a pinnacle of human engineering! You can clean up your work station by simply plugging into your USB port and hoover away!


Well now after all that domestic activity you must be dying for a drink! Well just reach over and get yourself one from your USB Mini-Fridge. Ahhhh! Sure is hard work being a Gadget Freak. These little gadgets will keep a can of your favourite beverage cold right off your USB port. I’m waiting for the 6 pack model to arrive!


So with the domestic duties done and refreshed from our mini-fridge we need pizza and a beverage replenishment. Better get on the phone. But wait! No need to get up! Just flip open your mouse and there is your USB Skype Phone Mouse with speaker and microphone!


So with all these USB gadgets we will of course need somewhere to plug them all in. Welcome to the world of USB hubs. Now here is where it gets sublime. The humble USB port comes in all shapes sizes and themes! Even a USB Virgin Mary for those of the Catholic persuasion for cryin’ out loud!

However, amongst all this madness thank goodness there are practical devices like this- The USB Motorcycle Engine Hub. Oh what a lovely bit of work this is. It roars, it rumbles and it looks just like an old Triumph twin from the 1960’s… cool!



Science is yet to determine what effect this gaggle of USB gadgets and gizmos will have on human kind in the long-term. It is feared that the USB will become increasingly ingrained in our lifestyles and psyche. Fears of ‘USBphobia’ and ‘USBphilia’ are beginning to materialize, USB anonymous meetings are springing up around the planet. However, fear not as someone has created the perfect solution.

Introducing the ultimate in USB ( drum roll )…… The USB Doomsday Device Hub! Yes that’s right! When you are mad as hell and, as Peter Finch said in the 1970’s movie Network, “not gonna take it anymore” …you just need to hit the button!!!


Written by gadgetfreaks

February 15, 2008 at 9:29 am