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F1 2008 Round 6 Race Review. Monaco Grand Prix.

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Well race fans the Grand Prix of Monaco for 2008 must go down as one of the more interesting and dramatic races in recent memory. With an all Ferrari front row for the race it looked as though the Monaco drought may end for the Italian marque. However, rain began to fall as the cars sat on the grid with all teams switching to intermediate tyres. One team though tried to hang on just that little bit too long to see what the weather was going to do. That of course was Kimi Raikkonen’s team. They had not fully fitted their tyres within the regulatory ‘3 mins before the start of the warm-up lap’ and the Fin was hit with a drive through penalty. This was to be just the start of his troubles for the race. Without the aid of traction control and other banned driving aids this was going to be a race and a half, and we weren’t dissapointed here at Gadget Freaks at all!

Massa led off the start with Lewis Hamilton edging by Raikkonen with a great start, almost getting alongside Massa into the first corner. As rain began to fall the field miraculously managed to get around the opening lap  without incident, quite a feat at Monaco.

The order did not last long as incident after incident brought chaos and drama. Alonso was driving like he was in Nascar causing several collisions due to being over optimistic. Still it was nice to see some competitive overtaking on the street circuit! Lap 6 and Lewis Hamilton hits the armco barrier with his rear wheel destroying the tyre but nothing else. He was able to pit and hence change his race strategy. He rejoined the race in a good position and when on lap 16 Massa went off handing the lead to Robert Kubica, Lewis was looking good. 

 The conditions out on the circuit were treacherous as the number of front wing replacements would testify. Hamilton had found his way to the lead after the first round of pit stops and appeared to get some extra speed, leaving the rest in his wake ( or should that be spray? ) Kubica had passed Massa at the stops relegating the Brazilian to third with Adrian Sutil in the Force India car a brilliant fourth. Sutil was driving the race of his life and it looked as though the new team would not only get points but were perhaps in line for a podium finish. Sutil was racing the two Ferraris ! However, exiting the tunnel Raikkonen lost control under braking, his car weaving and skidding out of control smashing into the back of Sutil. Both cars sustained damage with Force India having to retire, much to the disdain of all watching. Raikkonen rejoined the race to finish in ninth place.

So at the checkered flag it was a jubilant Hamilton from Robert Kubica then Massa with Australian Mark Webber fourth, continuing his good run of points finishes this year. All in all it was a great race which saw Massa slip up again and Hamilton regaining the lead in the 2008 Championship. Raikkonen had a day to forget and was slammed in the press by former 2-time F1 Champ Niki Lauda who said, ” I cannot understand how the highest paid driver can have a race as stupid as that.”

After the excitement of the F1 Monaco race we here at Gadget Freaks are looking forward to the race of the year! The Moto GP Grand Prix of Italy at Mugello, June 1st 2008.

Schumi Debuts in German Superbike Championship.

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Well after all the rumours and speculation,  Formula One legend Michael Schumacher indeed made his debut in the German Superbike series. Somewhat of a mixed weekend for the 37 year old and his Honda CBR1000RR. After qualifying 39th fastest he finished race one in 28th at the flag posting times just 3 seconds of the pace of teamate and race winner Martin Bauer. Unfortunately, race two saw Schumi crash out while working his way through the pack.

                                      Schumacher gets a taste of the German tarmac

There has been quite a lot of talk about why Schumacher has chosen to take up bike racing. Even Bernie Ecclestone has commented in the press hinting that it is not really a good idea. However, hats of to him and we’ll certainly be watching his exploits here at Gadget Freaks.

F1 2008 Round 4 Race Review. Turkish Delight for Massa.

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What would we do without Lewis Hamilton? For me his passing move set up in the fastest corner in GP racing was the highlight of a race that almost cured my insomnia. Well it wasn’t the Ferrari whitewash that we expected with the Loveable Lewis Hamilton splitting the Ferraris and Robert Kubica’s BMW a distant fourth. I thought Hamilton had the race in the bag after his move on Massa but a 3 stop strategy put the Briton back a spot behind the Brazilian. I briefly fell asleep after Hamilton took the lead and awoke at the flag wondering what the hell had happened! Anyway, the French GP this weekend will surely keep me up- Moto GP that is! Read more……

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May 12, 2008 at 10:21 am

Turkey Shoot! F1 2008 Round 5 Preview

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After the excitement and drama of the Shanghai Moto GP last weekend we here at Gadget Freaks are looking forward to a bit of humdrum on Sunday with the F1 Grand Prix of Turkey. After a brilliant start to the season, Mc Laren seem to have dropped off the pace. Either that or Ferrari has lifted its game to lofty levels that the other teams cannot reach.

After early practise sessions at the Istanbul Park Circuit it seems Ferrari with Kimi Raikkonen are having an easy time at the top of the time sheets. Lewis Hamilton has struggled into second with Massa the Crasha in third after a few customary excursions onto the Turkish grass. Great early news for David Coulthard as the veteran Scottish driver clocked the fourth fastest time. The BMWs of Nick Hiedfeld and Robert Kubica were down in 10th and 6th respectively with some work to do to get up the grid.

The Istanbul Park Circuit is a great racetrack so let’s hope that we will see the 3 top teams all at their best on Sunday. With the banning of traction control and some electronic driver aids this year we are seeing the cars sliding around more which has made for some spectacular action. We here at Gadget Freaks are hoping this will bring the cars much closer for the duration of the race and maybe one day we might see 3 cars fighting for the lead on the last lap with tension and drama and………well we can always dream!


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May 10, 2008 at 7:56 am

Great News For Race Fans. Portable TV Gadgets.

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Ever been to an F1 or Moto GP race and been a bit frustrated at how much you can actually see? There are trees, heads, safety barriers and all sorts of obstacles that you almost wish you had x-ray vision. Portable televisions have been around for years but getting decent reception at race events has been a bit of a sticking point.

Kangaroo TV is going to be renting out portable tv gadgets at F1 races this year. For 50 pounds you can hire a small handheld tv with a 3″ screen that receives a direct telecast. You can switch between ‘in car’ cameras and get all the commentary via headphones. Read more…….

If your event doesn’t offer Kangaroo TV you might want to take along your own portable device. This neat portable TV has a cool 10.2″ screen and has an analog TV tuner and DVB TV. It also plays DVDs,CDs and basically is an all purpose Multi-Media Centre. It also has a car power adaptor and comes with a great range of accessories.


If you are not into TV but relish the excitement of motorsport you might want to throw a leg over this! This is the latest in exotica from Ducati, the 2008 1098R. This is the production model that Troy Bayliss is leading the World Superbike Championship with. It features a 1098cc twin engine with a 6 speed gearbox producing 186 hp. Traction control is an awesome feature on this model which the Moto GP team uses to great success with Casey Stoner. Weighing in at 165kg and looking sexy as hell, this is about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on! However, every rose has its thorns and with this baby it’s the pricetag, a cool 60K (approx)


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May 5, 2008 at 8:12 am

Sandisk Ducati Must Haves!

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Over the past decade or so there has been a sharp decline in tobacco company sponsorship in all sports globally. Bans on tobacco advertising in all forms of media and motorsport have all but closed off the last avenue for the tobacco industry to parade its brands to the public en mass. An increasing number of countries have outlawed public tobacco branding even in the form of sponsorship in Formula One and Moto GP. This has pushed most companies to abandon these sports in droves and leaving with them are their huge investment dollars.

A quick look at todays F1 car and Moto GP bike reveals a whole new generation of sponsors picking up the huge bill involved. In exchange their brands are proudly displayed on the machine’s livery and plastered over just about anything involved with the teams. In fact there is more diversity among the sponsor companies with IT, financial management, airlines and even power drink corporations occupying the wings and wheels of the world’s most glamourous and dangerous sports.


One such company is SanDisk which has been a sponsor of the Moto GP Ducati Team. To celebrate, or maybe even cash in on their investment, they have released a series of computer accessories with a Ducati Moto GP theme. Boasting ‘Ultra High Performance’ the gadgets come in the style of the Ducati Moto GP team colours and are even styled like the machines and feature imagery of their #1 rider Casey Stoner.

ducaticf6.jpg ducatiusb2.jpgducatisd5.jpg

CF Card Ducati Moto GP USB SD Card

Being the Moto GP fanatics that we are here at Gadget Freaks, we want these gadgets so bad it hurts! Considering that Casey Stoner is current World Moto GP Champion and one of the most exciting and popular riders in the sport and the huge international following the historic Italian motorcycle marque enjoys, we think SanDisk are on a winner.

World Moto GP Champion Casey Stoner

The Iceman Cometh.

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Well what a fantastic Malaysian Grand Prix, full of action, excitement and controversy! Sadly, after qualifying well in third and fourth spots on the grid both Mc Larens were pinged 5 places for, apparently, obstructing cars during qualifying. This of course gave the Ferraris of Massa and Kimi Raikkonen a clean set of heels in the race. Raikkonen showed why he is the master by sitting comfortably behind Massa saving his machinery and staying out of dirty air. Knowing that Massa would pitting first Kimi turned up the wick in no uncertain terms and after the first round of stops it was The Flying Finn out in front. Massa later spun into the gravel ending his race and handing Raikkonen an unchallenged victory.

McLaren’s day was a mixed bag but considering the grid positions they were handed they could well be pleased with coming away from Malaysia with points for both cars. Heikki Kovalainen finished a fine third behind Robert Kubica with Lewis Hamilton surging through the field only to have a drama at his first pit stop which relegated the Briton back to 11th finally finishing fifth in what has to said, was a spirited drive.

So all in all quite a good race with all podiums filled by different drivers from the opening GP in Melbourne. So it’s off to the Sakhir Circuit in Bahrain next for more F1 action and excitement!

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March 27, 2008 at 2:57 am