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Moto GP 2008 Round 5 Race Preview.

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Well Moto GP fans it’s on again. This weekend sees the Grand Prix of France at the historic Le Mans circuit. With 4 different winners from as many races so far this season, this Sunday looks set to be a cracking battle between Valentino Rossi, Dani Pedrosa, Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo. And as usual we here at Gadget Freaks have preparations well under way for the big race! 

FP 1 & 2- Pedrosa clocked the fastest combined times on Friday with Casey Stoner less than five-hundreths of a second behind. Yamaha veteran Colin Edwards was a further eleven thousandths of a second behind. Ever so close behind this trio was ‘Iron Man’ , Jorge Lorenzo. Although still injured from his Shanghai crash, the rookie is right amongst it but reportedly had to be stretchered back to his motorhome from the pit garage after taking a tumble in the session. Australian, Chris Vermeulin set the fifth fastest time and will be looking for a good result after taking the win at this circuit in 2007.

                      ‘Iron Man’ Jorge Lorenzo looks relaxed with his MP3 shades.

FP 3 – The Saturday morning session saw Colin Edwards set the fastest time on the latter stages. Valentino Rossi was second fastest followed by Dani Pedrosa. Casey Stoner was the early pace setter but finished fourth for the session. Poor Jorge Lorenzo had a rather short session crashing early and was required to visit the Clinica Mobile for precautionary checks. Let’s hope he can settle himself for qualifying later today. He registered the 13th fastest time, a sitiuation he will be very eager to improve.

                                                         Jorge Lorenzo crashes in FP3

In other motorcycle racing news it has been confirmed that 7 time World Formula One Champion, Michael Schumacher will compete in The German Superbike Championship. It is said that Schumi will pilot a 190 HP Honda CBR 100RR in the series. Way to go!

                                    Guess Who? Michael Schumacher on his CBR1000RR

Gadget Freaks Gadget Regurge !

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Isn’t it really annoying when you sit down for your favourite sitcom and it’s as if they’ve run out of ideas and you get a  regurgative ‘ walk down memory lane’ type show. You know like on Seinfeld when they sit around and Jerry says,” Hey remember the time Elaine and Peterman……….” And 30 minutes of cliche ridden segways follows to hightlights from past episodes!  I think you get the idea. Almost as bad as the retro nostalgic trend to remake movies of the classic 60’s TV shows like Get Smart and The Thunderbirds!

Anyway despair not! Today here at Gadget Freaks we thought we’d take a look at some of the more interesting gadgets we’ve reviewed to celebrate our 3 month anniversary here on WordPress.

Retro and nosltalgic in itself, this USB powered mini-fridge is just the ticket now that summer is well on its way. Styled on a 1950’s refrigerator, it has hot and cold controls and is just perfect for cooling a can on a hot day whilst watching Moto GP or something just as cool.


Staying on a retro theme, we really loved this MP 3 cassette player. Shaped like and old tape it is in fact an MP 3 gadget you can actually use in and old cassette player. Roll out all those 70’s hits and impress your younger friends who may have never seen such a thing!


Ah and who could forget our post and review on the 2008 Ducati Desmosedici GP 8 Moto GP bike. With its V4 Fourstroke 799cc motor pumping out 200+ horsepower weighing 148(dry) kg and hitting a top speed in excess of 310 kmh it surely is the ultimate gadget.



Anyway that’s it for our walk down memory lane. If you missed any of our past posts take your own retro read of our gizmo & gadgets reviews and race previews. Stay tuned for new any interesting gadgets and news right here on WordPress!

Everything Old Is New Again!Wrist Watch Cell Phones.

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Remember all those gadgets in cartoons and sci-fi movies way back when? Seems ironic that we are now seeing those devices becoming reality. We here at Gadget Freaks are somewhat excited by the rush of Dick Tracy style wrist watch cell phones coming on the market. Scouring the internet, we’ve uncovered quite a few of these cool gadgets that have us positively salivating. The features, the sleek style, the gadgetorial splendor of these extraordinary time pieces has us almost as excited as the start of a Moto GP race. Well almost!

At the top end of the market, Hyundai have introduced this rather sleek looking watch phone. Dubbed the W-100, it has a 1.3 mega pixel camera and bluetooth connectivity. Compared to a few of these watches this model looks quite light and streamlined.


Although it’s a relatively new concept and the mass popularity of the wrist watch phone is yet to be realized many makers are releasing models with an ever increasing range of features. As one of the best known of all watch makers Tag Heuer have developed what appears to be the ‘State of the Art’ when it comes to combining the timepiece with mobile communications. One of the draw backs with watch phones is their tendancy to be rather more bulky and conspicuous than conventional wrist watches, however, Tag Heuer states that it has achieved the combination of devices whilst maintaining  traditional dimensions expected with wrist timepieces.

 If a Tag Heuer is a tad out of your price range you may want to look at some of the huge range of cell phone watches coming out of China these days. This one features a still and video camera,MP4 &MP3 function and a whole other range of features including touch screen and bluetooth operation. We here at Gadget Freaks are so hoping to get our hands on some of these for a bit of testing. Just wondering how long till these things get GPS and can be worn underwater! See more…….


Gadgetize Your Cubicle.

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If you are like us here at Gadget Freaks you probably spend a considerable amount of time in the office. However, being in the office shouldn’t mean you have to go gadget cold turkey. So let’s have a look at some cool gadgets for around the office.


Blunt Desktop Signs

Quite a cool gadget for around the office is this Digital Pen from Nokia. The SU-1B Digital Pen is a multi-functional device which can store up to 100 A5 pages of data and integrates with Outlook, Powerpoint and Word. It is also compatible with Nokia Bluetooth 1.1 phones for sending files and SMS text. One drawback with this model ( and I am sure the fine folk at Nokia will address this in later models) is the fact that to transfer data you must first disconnect from the internet and disable your Anti-Virus software. Quite a kafuffle really. Despite this the SU-1B , weighing in at 35 grams, has a bunch of other cool features that almost make it a must have gadget. Read more……


Although not quite as function packed as the SU-1B , nor nearly as expensive, is this gadgety scribe. Hosting an MP3 player, recorder microphone and a 512mb USB flash disk this little unit is great for students, office workers and the like. It also screws apart to become a wearable MP3. Screw off the pen end and attach the neck strap and you are ready for play. Interestingly it even writes too!


One of the coolest things to come along in recent years is Skype. We here at Gadget Freaks just love Skype. In fact we have almost lost the ability to hold a conventional conversation and when we do we express ourselves in emoticon body language! A couple of cool gadgets we recently uncovered are these VOIP Skype Phones. One from Techpin is this neat looking flip top mouse phone combo. Nice gadgety black and silver finish and speaker phone or earplug functions matched with an 800 DPI optical sensor make this a gadget that’ll have your co-workers talking about your gadgetsense at the water cooler!


On the subject of VOIP Skype phones we saw this one on Youtube whilst doing our exhaustive research. Nice design. Just wish it was wireless!

And yet another must have for your cubicle is this gadgety personal comfort management station. Described at ThinkGeek as a ” Tentacled USB desktop thingy” it connects to your USB and includes a cup warmer, a mini-task lamp, mini vacuum cleaner and of course a USB port.


And for the last word on office gadgets (for this blog anyway) here is an inspiring list of gadgets specifically chosen due to their ‘Office unfriendliness’. Titled “10 Gadgets That Will Get You Fired Before The New Year” it is a comprehensive guide to gadgets guaranteed to have you looking for new employment. Brought to you by who else but Gizmodo!

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March 10, 2008 at 7:19 am

MP4s On The Move

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What a week it has been, anybody who lives anywhere in the Asian region, or has contact with the Asian community, will know that the Chinese New Year is approaching at a rate of knots, a time when much of the world is traveling somewhere. That all adds up to quite a few long, boring hours spent in transit. We here at gadget freak though we’d look for a few devices to make the trip easier to handle.

Google, The New Napster

Chinese search engine, Baidu is ranked third in most used websites worldwide. While the major reason is for the country’s population, we here at gadget freaks think a large reason for its popularity can be attributed to it being a bountiful source of MP3s.

Well it appears now one clever blogger has found a way of using Google the
same way, along with a number of other juicy titbits of internet hint goodness. Cunning.

Is It A CD Player Or An MP3? No, It’s Both.


Yet another product we’ll have to file under “fantastic concept not in production”. A good many people have gone nutty over the LG chocolate phone and now another Korean firm has come out with the butterfly knife MP3, a MP3 player that will also play CDs. And if you thought it would be bulky, think again… It’s not every day you can hack someone’s head off at the neck with a personal media player. If only there was some company to produce it for the mass market. {Thanks go to Techpin for this juicy morsel}

Introducing The ‘Boombag’


Some of us here at gadget freaks (well some of our significant others anyway) enjoy a little high fashion with our gadgetry. Finally, with the LifePop
Groove Master Retro Stereo Speaker Messenger Bag
we’ve got a speaker system we could quite happily take to the latest Dolche & Gabbanna show. But in all seriousness it would definitely make us the hit of the picnic…”look we’ve bought food and music.” {Thanks go to epotpouri}

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January 31, 2008 at 1:59 am