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Moto GP- Grand Prix of Qatar 2008 Race Review.

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Well it was worth the wait! The 2008 Grand Prix of Qatar promised to be a classic race and it did not fail to deliver. With all the team changing and the new rookies coming into the premier class this year the anticipation was high. Throw in the historic first night race and you have one heck of a pre-season frenzy. Qualifying and the race were full of surprises and drama, in fact it couldn’t have been scripted any better! So let’s take a look at what happened.


The Spectacular Qatar circuit all lit up and ready for racing!


All eyes were on the first qualifying session for the season looking for answers to all the pre-season curiosities. Most pundits were focused on the Yamaha camp and the controversy surrounding the tyre maufacturer split. With Moto GP Legend God -Like Valentino Rossi on Bridgestones and the other 3 Yamaha riders on Michelin all attention was on the outcome of the timesheets. As it turned out Jorge Lorenzo( Fiat Yamaha) in his Moto GP debut snatched pole from fellow Yamaha pilot James Toseland ( Tech 3) with his team mate Colin Edwards making up the front row of the grid. Ironically Valentino was back on the third row giving the paddock alot to talk about. Casey Stoner(Marlboro Ducati-Bridgestone) was 4th fastest followed by Randy DePuniet( LCR Honda-Michelin) and 2006 World Champion American Nicky Hayden(Repsol Honda-Michelin) rounding out the second row. With only 3 Bridgestone shod machines in the top ten(and only Stoner at the pointy end) the questions over the wisdom of Rossi changing to Bridestones were looking like being answered. It was indeed beginning to look like ‘The Doctor’ had made a disastrous error. However, qualifying is one thing and the race is another so most were waiting till after the flag before making any firm statements. So…….what happenened in the race?


A jubilant Jorge Lorenzo after bagging pole position in his Moto GP debut.

The Race

The pre-race atmosphere was electric as the field lined up on the grid. The floodlight track was so bright that several riders wore MP3 sunglasses and looking at John Hopkins (Rizla Suzuki) he had some serious metal going on.

The pace was frenetic from the second the start lights went out with Dani Pedrosa (Repsol Honda) making a blinding start from the 4th row of the grid to lead them into the first corner. With 7 riders trying to occupy the same patch of ground there was a considerable amount of pushing and shoving going on with Casey Stoner copping a fair whack that dropped him down to 6th place. Pedrosa tried to get away but was eventually reeled in by Rossi and Stoner and later Lorenzo. At one stage James Toseland showed why he is World Superbike Champion with a massive contact passing move on Lorenzo, no doubt taking the talented rookie by complete surprise. Meanwhile Casey Stoner seemed to sit back in fifth place watching the mayhem ahead of him. However, once warmed up he began to methodically reel in the riders in front of him one by one until only Rossi, who led briefly, stood between him and the lead. It didn’t take long and Stoner was in front with Lorenzo also getting past ‘The Doctor’ who later faded to fifth and the end of the race.

At the checkered flag it was Stoner a clear winner with a magnificent and determined performance from Lorenzo in second with Pedrosa third. Another rookie to put in a fine first race result was Andrea Dovizioso (JIR Team Scot Honda) who battled with Rossi on the final laps coming out on top to finish 4th.

In summary it was an amazing race. It once again highlighted the talent of Casey Stoner as he was clearly in a class of his own on his Bridgestone shod Ducati. There are 3 other Ducatis in the field and not one was even close to the front. Hopefully finally the banter about his tyre and machine advantage that was bannded around for most of last year will finally be put to rest.

So it’s off to Jerez in Spain on the 30th of March when the hostilities resume. No doubt the Rossi camp and a few other teams will be burning the midnight oil to try and find some magic to combat the Stoner/Ducati onslaught. So till next time………….publication1.jpg

Lorenzo #48 tries valiantly to haul in Stoner

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March 10, 2008 at 9:31 am

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night.

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I’m sure everyone has experienced that annoying thing when you get a song stuck in your head and you can’t get it out. It is usually some 80’s classic by some one hit wonder with a mullet come poodle hairstyle that you heard in a 7-Eleven or a supermarket.

It happened to me today when I was looking at the Moto GP test results from Qatar. For those that don’t know , this years first race is being held at night for the first time in history. Pretty exciting stuff yeah? So anyway, as I mentioned in a previous Gadget Freaks blog ( Ultimate Gadgets ) the Moto GP stars are usually seen off track or prepping for the race wearing MP3 sunglasses. Add these two factors together and you get that unforgettable tune by Corey Hart. Yes folks…..I wear my sunglasses at night


So if you hadn’t already guessed this blog is about MP3 sunglasses. We will have a comprehensive Moto GP preview later this week on all the machinery, gadgets and the main protagonists.

MP3 shades trailblazers Oakley are without doubt the leaders in the market. However, there are quite a few up-and-comers getting in on their act. Take a look at this Top10.

The Oakley Thump range is what you usually see hanging off the ears of the Moto GP boys. Great looking and high-quality units, they carry a fairly hefty price tag ( around US$300-500). Check out these stylish Tortoiseshell babies!!


If the Oakley range is priced a little out of your range you may want to check out some of these MP3 sunglasses. Spotted over at Gizmondo these sunglasses are made by Evergreen and although they don’t have the price tag and brand name of the Oakley models they do appear to have very similar features and performance. Check out these at Coolest-Gadgets Also check out for its way cool gadget forum.

If you’ve never owned a pair of MP3 sunglasses there is a great demo video on Youtube that may help to explain all you wanted to know. Of course Youtube as always is a great source of information on most things and MP3 sunglasses are no exception. Check out Youtube as there are a pile of vids on this subject. There’s even one with some gratuitous glam on it. Whoo hoo!

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March 3, 2008 at 2:28 am