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Top 5 Gadgets That Could Save The Planet!

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The Planet is in Peril!!! So it’s up to us Gadgeteers to do something to save it. We here at Gadget Freaks have become totally freaked out at the rapidity of the decline of species. Recently the polar bear, the largest terrestrial carnivore is now on the endangered list. In Australia ( a continent which has one of the worst rates of faunal species extinctions ) the hardy Tasmanian Devil has been listed on the endangered list. Ultimately it will be us, Homo sapiens that will be facing extinction. So let’s take a look at some gadgets and gizmos that may help to save the planet.

1- Seastead Project

First up on our list is this awesome concept house/construction. With this dwelling you can have energy self-sufficiency via wind,wave and solar power. Also you’ll have a steady supply of seafood,you can build a seal platform and a seabird rookery as well as using the support structure as a reef habitat.
Patri Friedman and Wayne Gramlich’s are responsible for the Seasteading project, which was originally conceived as a way to experiment with “diverse social, political, and legal systems.” Can’t really figure out what all those aspects have to do with floating spars topped with habitats, communications relays and solar panels, gathered into huge suspended gadget homes. They say these structures can result into self-governing enclaves. The home design is actually based on the same ballasting system that some older oil rigs used.

Each Seastead construction consists of a concrete-reinforced main pillar and tethered ballast weights. Adjusting the water in the ballast raises or lowers the spar in the water, while the small cross-section makes it resistant to strong waves, if you ever decide to place one in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Around 300 square feet of space on the upper platform can be used for residential purposes and the provided image even shows an Aeolian turbine that is able to provide the needed energy. Presumably there is enough room for many out-doors home appliances. Predicted costs are a few hundred million dollars to build a Seastead for a few thousand people, not that much considering how much it may potentially help the environment.

via Techpin

2- Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

This whacky way out gadget could really help save the planet. All we need is one environment saving looney megalomaniac to round up all those that refuse to denounce greed and persist with profiteering at the expense of our fellow earth inhabitants. By simply deactivating the part of the brain that inspires greed we can rid the world of those that harm the planet.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a process in which you run an electromagnet over parts of the brain, which essentially turns them off. You may have LOL’d at the idea of Kirsten Dunst and Mark Ruffalo erasing Jim Carrey’s brain while dancing around in their underwear, but this brain altering technology is no joke. While effects don’t appear to be permanent or long-standing, doctors and researchers think it could show how the brain recovers from traumas such as stroke. Though the technology might run a teensy-weensy risk of causing epilepsy, that’s all. The video below shows grown men reciting nursery rhymes and turning into stuttering messes. [Daily Telegraph via Medgadget via io9]

3- Solar Powered Handheld MP4 and Nintendo Emulator

Here’s a third-party Nintendo emulator that doesn’t look like total garbage. Though it has the typical generic name of Solar MP4, this little device actually has some impressive features. It can play MP4 files up to 320×240 in size on its 3.5 inch TFT screen, it also has built-in emulators for NES, GameBoy and GameBoy Color games. Of course you have to use ROMS loaded via an SD card, but those are easy enough to find. It can even function as an e-Book reader with the ability to read out loud any text file as long as it’s written in English or Chinese.

Did I mention that it has a USB port to charge your other gadgets?

Via Slipperybrick

4- Surreal Spanish Solar Tower


The BBC has a report on the Europe’s first commercial solar power station. 600 giant concentrated heat boils water into steam to drive turbines. mirrors focus the sunlight onto a 40 story white concrete tower where the super-

I’m remembering the old joke about solar powered torches here, but even though the plant will only work for an hour after sundown, the main power draw in the south of Spain is air-con, and this station pumps out enough daytime juice to power 600 homes, with future expansion to 600,000 (that’s every home in Seville).

It doesn’t get much greener than this, but a side benefit is in the surreal beauty of the place. BBC science correspondent David Shukman paid a visit:

A concrete tower – 40 storeys high – stood bathed in intense white light, a totally bizarre image in the depths of the Andalusian countryside […] In fact, as we found out when we got closer, the rays of sunlight reflected by a field of 600 huge mirrors are so intense they illuminate the water vapour and dust hanging in the air.

It sounds like a tourist destination in the making. Remember to take your sunglasses.


Via Wired Blog

5- The Single Most Important Environmental Innovation

One word………….. CONDOM !!

The problem of population was first really explored by Thomas Malthus in a paper published in 1798. His idea was that, unfortunately, populations increase exponentially until all available resources are used up. Then competition and starvation halts the growth of the population. This, Malthus predicted, would happen to the population of humans alarmingly soon.
What he didn’t count on was our unique ability to create more resources from the land. We could rip up more, create machines, burn stored carbon, pave the world, manufacture powerful chemicals and otherwise subdue and control the Earth. We did it all because, by the very nature of life, we hate to see our children die, and we can’t stop, y’knowmakin‘ babies. That is the heart of our ecological crisis, and, without effective means of controlling Malthusian population dynamics, the Earth was screwed.

When effective, simple and reliable birth control was invented, first in the form of the latex condom, and then through various hormonal contraceptives, our species was given the ability to control this vicious system. For the first time in the HISTORY OF LIFE on this planet, a species is choosing not to use up every available resource and, instead, control it’s own population without the looming prospect of starvation.

Condoms aren’t solar powered or reusable or even recyclable, but they’ve made the environmental revolution possible. As simple birth control continues its spread across the globe, it leaves behind happier healthier societies with significantly less impact on the planet. That is the power of true innovation.

via Ecogeek

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May 21, 2008 at 9:02 am

Spies ‘R’ Us! Gadget Freaks Top 5 Spy Gadgets!

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One wonders at the amount of ‘Spy” gadgets available today. A quick look around the net reveals all manner of gizmos and gadgets. Some look harmless enough but some are just downright devious! Being the ‘Gadget Freaks’ we are we just can’t help ourselves, we love ’em! So let’s take a look at Gadget Freaks Top 5 Spy Gadgets!

1- Gryphon Attack Glider

Formerly known as The ESG Gryphon Personal Flying Wing this has to be the ultimate in Spy Gear! It has a maximum glide speed of 135 mph and has a heads up display and even onboard oxygen for those high altitude launches. This baby can carry a payload of 100lbs of onboard gear and has hard mount points for hooking up tactical bombs or missiles! With a glide range of 125 miles and a radar cross section of a seagull (or Stealth Bomber) you can glide into North Korea take out The Great Leader and like Ace Rimmer be back in time for a smoked kipper for breakfast. Only thing is you’ll need an extraction team as landing is acheived by separation from the wing which will activate your parachute.


2- Chewing Gum Wrapper Spy Camera

Now this is just downright sneaky, despicable and …well we love it! This neat little spy camera fits into a chewing gum wrapper and records video and audio. It has a Mini SD card slot for up to 2GB of memory. Just think you might want to choose an unpopular brand of gum to insert it into or your cover will be blown as quick as you can say, “That’s my gum”.

3- Lipstick Stun Gun

At #3 we have one for the Spyettes. More a self-defense gadget than a spy gadget but just what the Sexy Secret Agent needs to get out of a spot of bother. This crazy lipstick Stun Gun is 4 inches long and whacks a whopping 350,000 volts into its victim and has an in-built LED torch to blind your post-zapped supine assailant. So watch your pick up lines Gadgeteers and no more blonde jokes. However, there’s surely a great visual there were a blonde zaps herself in the ladies room or attacks you with a nice shade of Max Factor Crimson!

4- Wireless Spy Camera Pen w/ Solar Charger

Industrial and Commercial Espionage Boffins with a bit of green in them will love this one. This Wireless Spy Camera Pen appears to be a normal pen but is in fact…well I just told you! It comes with a solar recharger for the built-in Li-ion battery and has a transmission range of between 10-20 metres. Also included is a 2.5″ TFT LCD MP4 receiver with 64MB of internal memory and can support a Mini SD card upto 2GB for extra storage. With video resoluition of 882×240 pixels at 30 fps this spy gadget is just the thing for your next undercover sortee or just for plain fun. Transmission is activated by twisting the cap on the pen and it even writes too!

5- Erector Spykey – Kit Robot 

Nothing really covert about this one but it does look like a heck of a lot of fun. This DIY kit Robot has caterpillar type tracks and has a camera, Wi-Fi and an in-built microphone. Spykey even comes with its own software to enable it to be controlled from anywhere on the net. It has a functional webcam and a VOIP (Skype compatible) speaker phone. We only wish it would come in black or a Darth Vader model. Oh well can’t have everything.

Everything Old Is New Again!Wrist Watch Cell Phones.

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Remember all those gadgets in cartoons and sci-fi movies way back when? Seems ironic that we are now seeing those devices becoming reality. We here at Gadget Freaks are somewhat excited by the rush of Dick Tracy style wrist watch cell phones coming on the market. Scouring the internet, we’ve uncovered quite a few of these cool gadgets that have us positively salivating. The features, the sleek style, the gadgetorial splendor of these extraordinary time pieces has us almost as excited as the start of a Moto GP race. Well almost!

At the top end of the market, Hyundai have introduced this rather sleek looking watch phone. Dubbed the W-100, it has a 1.3 mega pixel camera and bluetooth connectivity. Compared to a few of these watches this model looks quite light and streamlined.


Although it’s a relatively new concept and the mass popularity of the wrist watch phone is yet to be realized many makers are releasing models with an ever increasing range of features. As one of the best known of all watch makers Tag Heuer have developed what appears to be the ‘State of the Art’ when it comes to combining the timepiece with mobile communications. One of the draw backs with watch phones is their tendancy to be rather more bulky and conspicuous than conventional wrist watches, however, Tag Heuer states that it has achieved the combination of devices whilst maintaining  traditional dimensions expected with wrist timepieces.

 If a Tag Heuer is a tad out of your price range you may want to look at some of the huge range of cell phone watches coming out of China these days. This one features a still and video camera,MP4 &MP3 function and a whole other range of features including touch screen and bluetooth operation. We here at Gadget Freaks are so hoping to get our hands on some of these for a bit of testing. Just wondering how long till these things get GPS and can be worn underwater! See more…….


Gadgets That Came In From The Cold.

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The very word ‘spy’ conjors up images in our minds of intrigue, romance, danger, sex and gadgets. U2 Spy Planes, poison-tipped umbrellas, microfilm, all the other Cold War Era spy paraphernalia; as well as men in hats and long trench coats in cold wet doorways smoking a cigarette — this is the image most of us have of the world of espionage. James Bond, with his stylish gadgets explained so thoroughly by Q, and pursuit of leggy lovely female spies worked with the idiosyncratically bumbling Maxwell Smart ( Agent 86 ) to create a highly romanticized image of a secret agent. There is a large fictional collection of stereotypical characters in the movies, on TV and in modern literature to help us form a fairly solid image of what a spy should be like. Of course, in reality, most spies are rather ordinary. They will probably be a consular official, or belong to some other profession, that blends in with the landscape.

Now this is our kind of Spy!

Like most people, we here at Gadget Freaks are fascinated with spies and such so it’s only natural that we love spy gadgets. There’s never a dull moment around GF Central ( our office ) as someone is always testing some spy device on a poor unsuspecting victim, getting into a game of ‘ Find the Spy Camera”, or even going on a field trip to the local Starbucks armed with a pocket cell phone jammer just for fun.

One sneaky gadget spied recently was this Wireless Spy Camera Pen. Looks like an ordinary pen, feels like an ordinary pen and writes like an ordinary pen but in fact it is a rather nifty spy cam. The kit includes an MP4 wireless receiver and a solar charger.


I don’t know about you but I always wonder why whenever Secret Service Agent or the like on TV or in a movie they always stick a finger in their ear when they get a message. It’s like saying, ” Hey look at me I am Secret Service.” Anyway here is a little gadget that may come in handy in a whole bunch of situations.

This tiny device allows you to receive communications without anyone else being any the wiser. Makers say the invisible receiver fits right inside the ear. As it is wireless there are no tell tale connections hanging around to blow your cover.


However, not everyone is content to get their spy gadgets off the shelf. Some would rather be Q than 007. Welcome to the world of DIY Spy Gadgetry! Also known as ‘ circuit bending ‘ to some. The art of modifying circuitry and components to transform a device enabling it to perform functions it was not originally designed for.

For those DIY spies there is a great series of books available that can show you how to make your own night vision camera or even a spy device detector. With titles like ‘101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius’ and the ‘imaginatively-titled’ ‘More Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius’ there is a wealth of information and projects here to keep any Gadget Hacker locked away in the lab for an eternity!


So if you are into Spy Gadgetry there are so many sites on the net to get you salivating. I would suggest that would be a great place to start. So get out your hat and trenchcoat because The Eagle Has Landed !

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February 20, 2008 at 6:55 am

Storman Norman’s Mission Impossible

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We here at Gadget Freaks have something for a passion for MP4 watches, as well as 1980’s action series – like Mission Impossible, so we just had to share Storman Norman’s ‘Mission Impossible take on a MP4 sports watch, which doesn’t look too shabby.

Who’s Storman Norman you may ask. Well, some time ago we here at Gadget Freaks gave you a heads-up about Storman Norman TV and the wonderfully green solar MP4 player. But with further ado here’s the two- part review of the watch:

This blog will self-destruct in 30 seconds…”

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February 18, 2008 at 9:27 am

Gold Edition Widescreen Multimedia Watch.

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Wow, just the name of this gadget is eye catching let alone the actual unit itself. Packed with features this multi-functional watch brings some ‘Bling Factor’ to the world of MP4.

With a 1.8 inch screen and a built-in rechargeable lithium battery this multimedia watch even has an e-book reader. Inbuilt technology allows you to connect to bluetooth compatible mobile phones, PDAs and computers.

Available in 1,2 and 4 GB capacities and with all these features packed in it wont be long until we start seeing a few of these on the wrists of the more stylish and suave of us here at Gadgetfreaks.


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February 2, 2008 at 9:11 am

MP4s On The Move

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What a week it has been, anybody who lives anywhere in the Asian region, or has contact with the Asian community, will know that the Chinese New Year is approaching at a rate of knots, a time when much of the world is traveling somewhere. That all adds up to quite a few long, boring hours spent in transit. We here at gadget freak though we’d look for a few devices to make the trip easier to handle.

Google, The New Napster

Chinese search engine, Baidu is ranked third in most used websites worldwide. While the major reason is for the country’s population, we here at gadget freaks think a large reason for its popularity can be attributed to it being a bountiful source of MP3s.

Well it appears now one clever blogger has found a way of using Google the
same way, along with a number of other juicy titbits of internet hint goodness. Cunning.

Is It A CD Player Or An MP3? No, It’s Both.


Yet another product we’ll have to file under “fantastic concept not in production”. A good many people have gone nutty over the LG chocolate phone and now another Korean firm has come out with the butterfly knife MP3, a MP3 player that will also play CDs. And if you thought it would be bulky, think again… It’s not every day you can hack someone’s head off at the neck with a personal media player. If only there was some company to produce it for the mass market. {Thanks go to Techpin for this juicy morsel}

Introducing The ‘Boombag’


Some of us here at gadget freaks (well some of our significant others anyway) enjoy a little high fashion with our gadgetry. Finally, with the LifePop
Groove Master Retro Stereo Speaker Messenger Bag
we’ve got a speaker system we could quite happily take to the latest Dolche & Gabbanna show. But in all seriousness it would definitely make us the hit of the picnic…”look we’ve bought food and music.” {Thanks go to epotpouri}

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January 31, 2008 at 1:59 am