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Avast It’s The Good Ship MP3

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When you physically look for something it’s amazing how much stuff you find out in the ether. Here at gadget freak we’ve been on the lookout for cool and interesting MP3 and MP4 players as well as interesting news
surrounding material on MP3.

Legal Stormclouds Hang Over Pirate Bay

Retrived from the file of ‘those who don’t know when to keep quiet’ bit-torrent directory, Pirate Bay bragged yesterday that more people used its service than the population of its native Sweden. Barely several hours had passed before Sweden lawmakers had taken out a breach of copyright against the filesharing providers. But then again it could have come after the website'[s eagerness to make fun of content providers or its lighthearted attitude to requests for software removal.

While it is always sad to see peer networks, or directories in the case of Pirate Bay, facing litigation it was interesting to note that the powers that be in Pirate Bay failed to learn lessons provided to them by Napster, The Beatles and Oasis. That is that fate tends to burn things that proclaim themselves to be the next best thing since sliced bread.

MP3 Watch Sheds Bells And Whistles

Analog MP3 watch

While everybody at gadget freaks loves the new MP4 watches on the market we realise that not everybody is enamored to their chunky stylings and, often weighty bulk. Those not prepared to wait for somebody to pick up the eslap watch and run with it (which admittedly may be years away yet) could always pick up this nice simple MP3 watch that doesn’t weigh a tonne and combines a few good wholesome features into a waterproof watch.

Written by gadgetfreaks

January 30, 2008 at 2:07 am