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A Look At Stories Past

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Some time ago, a couple of interesting things fell into our laps that we had to share with you… green gadgets and file sharing. Well, as it is around Chinese New Year we thought we’d have a look and see how those storieswere developing and check that nothing new had happpened.

The Captain Speaks

The good people at methodshop were kind enough to give us the heads-up about this juicy ‘interview‘. Two things struck the crew at Gadget Freaks as amusing… that the creator of Pirate Bay Gottfrid Svartholm (better known as Anakata) be described as “shy” when the website is anything but, rebranding itself frequently in line with current hit movies and labelling itself as the top bit torrent server on the internet; and the Russian reporter refer to it as an ‘interview’ when it looks like it was concoted by the PR arm of the anti-piracy department charging Gottfrid and his friends.

Knees Up Mother Brown…It’ll Keep Your Cell Phone Powered

The Monty Python reference will no doubt reveal the average of the crew at the Gadget Freaks office and one thing older generations have always stated about younger age groups is their reluctance to do physical exercise and work… some wit has even come up with the term ‘mouse potatoe’ to describe those who spend all their time in front of computers and don’t do any exercise (come to think of it that would describe a fair few of the Gadget Freaks crew). Here’s a definite excuse to get people up and mobile, The University of Michigan have come up a knee brace that uses the kinetic energy created by walking to power electronic devices with one minute of walking creating 30 minutes of talk time for the telephone. (thanks eurikalert for the heads up)

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February 13, 2008 at 9:13 am

Yet More MP4

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This week all of us here at Gadget Freaks will be going into MP4 overdrive as we explore the wonderful world of MP4s.

Qtrax derailed

Yesterday, on gadget freaks, we covered the intended launch of Qtrax, the free peer to peer file sharing software which had the apparent blessing of studios who traded their word for a lion’s share of cash from advertising revenue generated on the site, and the statement from Warner Music Group which denied ever giving the website permission to allow their music to be shared.

While that took a little shine off the the service executives soldiered on and people signed up regardless, with requests for software crashing the website twice. However, according to The Associated Press, an extremely elaborate launching ceremony had to be pulled after all of the major labels pulled support for the project.

While, on the face of it it is a good lesson in ensuring you have the other party sign on the dotted line before making any promises It should be seen as an own-goal for labels. With CD sales plummeting and 3 in one people admitting that they use ‘illegal’ peer to peer software to find music wouldn’t it be better to make something rather than letting it slip away?

Eslap Is ‘Slaperific’


MP4 watches have been around for a little over 12 months now and, already a number of comparisons between them and early-model cell phones can be made. Both are square and bulky, both have been popular gadgets with the masses while being sneered at by the gadget-buying elite.

However, this concept watch thought up by chocolate studios is almost good enough to eat. Using e-Paper to store and transmit images the device works just like those slap-on bracelets you had so much fun with when you were kids. The watch won’t even need batteries, being powered with kinetic movement. Everybody at gadget freak, along with everybody else, is waiting with baited breath for this to be picked up by a electronic goods maker.

Japanese MP4 Redefines Tiny


If the trend in gadgets was heading towards tiny then this would be the trendiest MP4 on the market, hands down. It may only fit 256MB of data but hey, when it’s almost the same size as a coin who cares and there is the option to expand the memory with a SDC card.

Wheely Cool

Now that you know how to play YouTube videos on your MP4 you’ve got a perfect excuse to download videos of your favorite cool gadgets. We here at gadget freaks are particularly taken by ‘wheelman‘ products, although we don’t think it’d be anywhere near as fun on the crowded sidewalks around our office.

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January 29, 2008 at 6:15 am

Getting Stuff For Your MP4

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Welcome back fellow gadget freaks. We hope your Sunday wasn’t to hectic.We decided to look at sources for music and video for this blog. It’s all very well having the device but it will be very little use if you haven’t got the things to put on it.

Legally free music to hit legal stumbling block

It seems for years that those using PMP had few choices when sourcing music for their devices. They could purchase CDs and lift the tracks off them, visit an online store or use a peer to peer system like Bearshare, Limewire or the original WinMX. Those scared of legal ramifications, or with an arguably high moral code about ownership, used the former while those who viewed the internet as a resource for free stuff used the later.  Several years have passed and, unsurprisingly music companies have been cracking down on Per to Peer software users so it was good to hear that one company, Qtrax, was working on setting up a free and legal peer to peer network which used ad revenue to pay for royalties. Not so long ago they announced they had all four of the major labels aboard but it appears
Time Warner
has denied this, saying they never gave the site the all clear to use their music. Watch this space.

How to play your favorite YouTube videos on your MP4

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three years you’ll know what YouTube is and have probably visited their site before. No doubt you’ve seen some of your favorite music videos online and have got the heads up about some pretty cool gadgets and toys after seeing them on YouTube. Watching them on your MP4 has not always been possible now. Thankfully our friends at
have come up with some ways of changing that flv and swf format (the ones used online) to AVI, MP4 or even MPEG (the ones most commonly used by MP4s and media players like Realplayer)

Charging your solar powered MP4 player

One great source we have found for getting reviews on gadgets not made by the
big marquee players is
The guy even does a show on Youtube for Pete’s sake. we were watching his second show when what appeared but the  the solar powered MP4 player. But it appears Norman had a bit of problem charging the device itself. We asked our hippy cousin, who got one from our uncle on his birthday and he gave us a few pointers. Apparently if you want to charge the device itself all you need to do is to switch it off (the switch is the one on the side which operates the device and open it. Making sure, of
course, the MP4 player is in the sunlight. The green light should show when the device is charging. To charge another gadget simply plug it in and put the switch on the side to the on position. I hope that helps Norman.

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January 28, 2008 at 4:37 am