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Why The IPhone Sucks, Here’re Some Phones That Are Better

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The 3G Apple iPhone has been released and fanboys and fangirls are all lined up round the block waiting for their very own model.

It must be time then to look at some of the very real shortcomings of the new 3G iPhone and which phones do a better job of each specific thing:

It won’t double as a laptop modem, even if you tether it.
While some netizens may beg to differ the simple truth is that you’re not able to tether a non-jailbreak phone to your laptop and use it as a 3G modem.

So, unless you’re planning a potentially expensive, waranty-voiding, jailbreak you’re stuck with a 3G phone that will work as a smart phone and nothing else.

Phones that do a better job: The Sony Ericsson K610, Nokia 6223 and Nokia E61 are all recommended as good phones to use as external modems.

It’s not a great phone for people sending text messages or emails
Responsive touchscreen? Check. Predictive texting? Check? Spell Checker? Nope. Copy and paste? Do you actually want that?
People using smart phones as a means of communication (sending emails sms etc) better be very good at spelling and very happy with the ‘drag and drop’ method of file transfer (something some fanboys have rabidly defended as being a security measure) otherwise they might be sorely dissapointed with the usabillity of their shiny, and expensive new toy.
Phones that do a better job:Blackberry Curve, Nokia N95, Helio Ocean.

You can’t choose your network provider
Yeah, sure Apple have whipped $100 or so off the price of the new phones, dragging them down to a price lower than the first generation iPhones. But have you seen the rates? $30 in the US for an AT&T ‘unlimited data’ (yeah right) contract and we won’t even get into what’s happening over in Canada
Phones that do a better job:Chinavasion’s big screen tv phone with dual sim, Nokia N95 (in the US at least)
big screen tv phone with dual sim
It’s definitely not a camera phone
With just two megapixels of resolution and no camcorder function you won’t be able to play citizen journalist with your iPhone any time soon
Phones that do a better job:Samsung U900 Soul, Sony Ericsson C902, LG Viewty KU990

So there it is, now bring the flame.

Written by gadgetfreaks

July 24, 2008 at 10:20 am