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Getting Stuff For Your MP4

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Welcome back fellow gadget freaks. We hope your Sunday wasn’t to hectic.We decided to look at sources for music and video for this blog. It’s all very well having the device but it will be very little use if you haven’t got the things to put on it.

Legally free music to hit legal stumbling block

It seems for years that those using PMP had few choices when sourcing music for their devices. They could purchase CDs and lift the tracks off them, visit an online store or use a peer to peer system like Bearshare, Limewire or the original WinMX. Those scared of legal ramifications, or with an arguably high moral code about ownership, used the former while those who viewed the internet as a resource for free stuff used the later.  Several years have passed and, unsurprisingly music companies have been cracking down on Per to Peer software users so it was good to hear that one company, Qtrax, was working on setting up a free and legal peer to peer network which used ad revenue to pay for royalties. Not so long ago they announced they had all four of the major labels aboard but it appears
Time Warner
has denied this, saying they never gave the site the all clear to use their music. Watch this space.

How to play your favorite YouTube videos on your MP4

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three years you’ll know what YouTube is and have probably visited their site before. No doubt you’ve seen some of your favorite music videos online and have got the heads up about some pretty cool gadgets and toys after seeing them on YouTube. Watching them on your MP4 has not always been possible now. Thankfully our friends at
have come up with some ways of changing that flv and swf format (the ones used online) to AVI, MP4 or even MPEG (the ones most commonly used by MP4s and media players like Realplayer)

Charging your solar powered MP4 player

One great source we have found for getting reviews on gadgets not made by the
big marquee players is
The guy even does a show on Youtube for Pete’s sake. we were watching his second show when what appeared but the  the solar powered MP4 player. But it appears Norman had a bit of problem charging the device itself. We asked our hippy cousin, who got one from our uncle on his birthday and he gave us a few pointers. Apparently if you want to charge the device itself all you need to do is to switch it off (the switch is the one on the side which operates the device and open it. Making sure, of
course, the MP4 player is in the sunlight. The green light should show when the device is charging. To charge another gadget simply plug it in and put the switch on the side to the on position. I hope that helps Norman.

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January 28, 2008 at 4:37 am