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Crazy Clocks!

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It seems the gadget world has gone crazy clock crazy! Here at Gadget Freaks we are constantly fascinated at the wierd and wonderful array of gadgety clocks coming out of late! This Bulbdial concept clock is a combination of lamps and sundials. Using the ancient sundial principle it uses electricity and shadows to great effect to display the time in a unique way. Developed by Ironic sans this design has one drawback in that it won’t work in direct sunlight. Guess that’s why it’s called a Bulbdial !


This cool clock projects the clock face onto a wall or other surface. With a range up to 7 metres it has a funky, junky, 1930’s sci-fi look about it! Tiltable to 45 degrees and with manual focus this kooky design makes a great bedside gadget. You won’t even have to move to see you are late for work!


 Another cool trend in clocks is the retro gear style model inspired by Steampunk. There are a whole bunch of these around, some better than others, but cool nonetheless! With a metallic look and exposed gears these clocks are great for educating youngsters about simple mechanics and give a neat feel to your living room. This rectangular wall clock is an awesome design combining industrial chic with functionality. Gotta love the big second hand.


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April 14, 2008 at 6:53 am

From Sundial To Seiko.

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The history of telling time is perhaps as old as time itself. Early humans used the position of the sun at any given time of day to get an idea of where they were in the day. Of course not very accurate but then again they really didn’t have to be anywhere at a specific time.

Then some bright spark must have been watching shadows cast by the sun and sometime around 5500 years ago the sundial was created. Those early timepeices would evolve until some 4800 years later the word clock (from the Latin for Bell, ‘Clocca’) first appeared in the 14th century.

Nowadays we have an amazing diversity in clocks as the human love affair and fascination for time pieces continues. However, not all clock lovers are after the latest in technology. Take this Retro Flip down Desk Clock. With its Steampunk inspired design it is an extremely cool looking clock with real gear driven mechanisms. Very gadgety indeed !


If you are anything like us at Gadget Freaks, getting up in the morning can sometimes be somewhat difficult. It is said that the average amount of sleep for any one individual is just 5 minutes more. Problem is that this can sometimes turn into an hour. If this sounds like you well check this out. The Sonic Boom SBD375ss Alarm Clock has a dual alarm system for multiple alarm time settings and an earsplitting 113db of sound power to get your day started with a bang. And if that doesn’t get you up and about the SBD375ss comes with a powerful 12 volt bedshaker. Kind of like your own personal earthquake zone. You’ll never be late for work again.


One from the ‘If you have to ask you couldn’t afford it’ file is this awesome chronograph from Zenith. The Limited Edition El Primero Zero-G Multi-Dimensional Turbillion watch has been inspired by the US Stealth Aircraft and is constructed from exotic materials such as kevlar. Coated with a unique PVD ( Physical Vapour Deposition ) ,this watch is not only waterproof but also impervious to the effects of gravity. Designed with folk who experience high g-forces in their daily lives, the Zero-G is due for release this April and will cost around US$ 500,000 .


Now here’s a clock for the true geek. Telling the time on this baby is no easy task to the layman as it tells the time in binary. Using the coding of 32/16/8/4/2/1 this unusual item comes in silver and red. I wonder if the alarm bleats at you in fax code?


And just for a little gratuitous glam here is a neat little alarm clock come calender. Easy on the eye this unit is also a digital photo frame. Woo hoo!


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February 26, 2008 at 9:47 am