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Gadget News and Reviews: Pleo Destroyed At Maker Faire 2008

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We here at Gadget Freaks were shocked and appalled this week when we heard of the vicious and wanton destruction of an innocent and defenseless Pleo at Maker Faire 2008.  

Makers of Pleo, Ugobe have distanced themselves from the stunt and have stated they had absolutely nothing to do with this despicable act. Ugobe reps at the fair said they were, “shocked and appalled” at this act which was perpetrated by a so-called ComBot known as Vicious Verdict.


                                                        How Could Anyone Harm This?????

We here at Gadget Freaks had a sinking feeling when we heard this news and and were truly sickened when we viewed actual video footage of the incident. Funny how human nature works. We know it’s a robot but because Pleo is cute and a baby but somehow our protective instincts kick in as if it were a living animal. More as news comes to hand!

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May 10, 2008 at 10:11 am

The Gadget With Byte is Back!

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Can it be true? Is Aibo set for a comeback? Well if we can believe the rumours it would seem that Sony is set to bring back this Cyber-Canine Companion. Aibo owners and fans have been biting mad since Sony discontinued production however it would seem the Japanese electronics giant is not content to let sleeping dogs lye!


According to our sources at Gadgetfreaks the new improved Aibo has a bag of new features. These include a built-in ‘head cam’ with facial recognition and wi-fi capability and a wireless interface for your PSP or PS3.

I wonder if they will put tazer capability in Aibo’s jaws for guard dog duty?

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February 14, 2008 at 9:51 am

Is it a toy? Is it a robot? Or is it just a plain old Baby Camarasaurus?

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Meet Pleo a baby Camarasaurus from the late Jurassic Period. A herbivorous dinosaur which inhabited North America and grew to 60 feet long. This little fellow is a life-sized hatchling which won’t grow much more in size, unlike his popularity.

Pleo has become somewhat of a cult figure since hitting the market in 2007. Dedicated websites, blogs, and even communities and conventions give one the feeling that perhaps the age of the smart toy/companion is upon us.

This is one smart litle Camarasaurus! Probably smarter than the real thing thanks to its multitute of internal sensors and Artificial Intellegence. Each Pleo starts life as a hatchling but develops as an individual shaped by its environment and experiences. It can see, hear and feel just like a real baby dinosaur and even sleeps and plays on its own. Upgradeable software ensures that your Pleo will not drop a few rungs on the A.I. evolutionary ladder although no Pleo vets are listed as yet.

With the rate of technological advancement we now experience I for one am looking forward to seeing ‘What’s next’ in this gadget genre. However I do wonder what happens if you put a boy Pleo with a girl Pleo and do I need a cat litter tray???

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February 14, 2008 at 6:55 am

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Yikes! Spider!!

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51124_ma1.jpg  This is def one for the Gadgetfreaks office! This larger than life remote control Tarantula is fun and furry. Great for sending around the home or office unexpectedly and waiting for squeals of horror from that pesky co-worker or even mother-in-law!

  With a range of 8 metres and a leg spam of 26cm this crawlingly delightful toy has 8 legs that move independently. An absolute must have for the practical joker or for those who still have a child inside.

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February 1, 2008 at 10:12 am

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